Difficult Delivery


Lovely packaging by the folks at The Sweet Sheep – love you!!!  Hated to unwrap it but I had a mission.  To see this…….

That’s the Hank and a Half of Handmaided Sea Silk in the Cornflower Colorway – the blue is not actually that turquoisy, but it’s the blaring sun out right now, and me not wanting to wait for the magical light time of day that photog’s should wait for…..This yarn? I can’t wait to find that perfect project for it.

I’d like to point you all in the direction of a very Talented Artist Friend of mine – Toria – she’s just amazing and her work, well, take a look – it’s just breathtaking.  She just opened a shop on Etsy, but also has a wonderful web site you can go and look around.  I have to tell you, I’m very partial to this photograph of hers – Distant Boat, Bahamas.  It’s is so full of depth, the light in it is just wonderful – and I love Sea Scapes.  Go take a good long look around both her site’s and send her some good vibes – she’s not only a talented artist, she’s a kick-ass person, too!!  Hi Toria!!!

One thing you hardly expect to see or hear of – Not so nice  shop owners.  I was quite shocked to see this post on The Blue Blog.  I’ve been fortunate enough to really only encounter one shop owner that was a little less than hospitable to me.  And to be honest, I won’t ever patronize her shop again.  But poor Allison’s experience just makes me wonder – why in the world be in business in such a public capacity and well, act like you don’t like customers?  Strange.  But I think the gracious, helpful shop owner far outweighs the negativity we might encounter from time to time – at least, I hope so. 

It’s hot.  DH and I went out to get the Sea Silk (the Difficult Delivery Part) – which was supposed to be at the post office – since I had to mail something out anyway, we figured – why not?  Well the card said it would be available to pick up today – and guess what?  The PO didn’t have it.  The mail carrier, thinking I would just sign the card and leave it in my mailbox (which I usually do) kept it so she had it to deliver to me today.  So that meant a return trip home to catch her just as she was finishing our road.  Yeesh.  Talk about yarn obsessiveness – but hey – it came all the way from Canada.  And it’s Sea Silk.  Really, what choice did I have – it’ would have languished in the PO allllll weekend.  We ended up riding all the way to Morristown – which I thought had a yarn shop – but we didn’t find it.  Then we stoppped at the Long Valley Pub And Brewery for lunch and a growler full of Grist Mill Golden Ale might have made it’s way home with us…maybe. 

Could be I need to make my way out to the deck – which may soon turn into a patio – fingers crossed – followed by a Grist Mill and some knitting……

Thanks for all your wonderful anniversary wishes and support – it means so much!


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  1. What gorgeous yarn! I have been lusting after Sea Silk for quite some time. Eventually I’ll give in and acquire some. I just love the Cornflower colourway you acquired.

    I read that post on The Blue Blog and I am totally shocked! The yarn store owners here are all very pleasant to me even though I’m not what you would call a loyal customer. No wonder that shop is going out of business if that’s what they call customer service!

  2. I love that Sea Silk, whatcha gonna do with it?
    Happy belated anniversary, I missed your post til now…that crystal shawl pin is gorgeous!

  3. Belated happy Etsyversary!
    I would have done exactly the same thing for Seasilk. Or Seawool . . . . or anything else from Handmaiden or Fleece Artist. Time spent languishing in the post office is time taken away from fondling and plotting y’know?

  4. there *is* a yarn shop in Morristown, across from Headquarters Plaza & a few doors down from Century 21, but the people weren’t the friendliest when I stopped in there earlier this year. Better to stick to the ones in Denville or Boonton, IMO. =)

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