Drum Roll, Please…..


Nugold Swirls and Crystals Pendant.  New in the Shop.

I’ve listed another Crystal Pin (thanks for the great feedback, everyone! and the Sale, Lisa!!!) and I’ve unveiled the first of what I hope is many original designs in Pendants.  I hope you like it…….

Progress is being made on Josephine – I’m almost to the first decreases for the waist – although I’ve had a thought that since my waist hasn’t decreased too much, maybe I should take that into consideration?  hmmmmmm.

Tomorrow is Field Day at school.  I’m so terribly excited.  I can’t possibly sleep for all the excitement.  Really.  Why don’t you believe me?

Whatever you’re doing this Thursday, I hope it keeps you cool, comfortable and completely un-sweaty.  Just think of me while you are sitting in air-conditioned comfort, having your iced-latte, being fanned by your cabana boy and served grapes. 

Um, I can have dreams, can’t I?


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  1. Hehe, we’re having fun night at the school, I get to spend all day & from 4:30-7:30 in the library, the only room in an un-airconditioned school that has no windows. I’ll be dreaming of peeled grapes.

  2. You are definately on to something!

    I am currently sitting on my couch in pools of sweat (lovely, huh!). I like nice weather, but when it hits 90, not a happy camper. 🙂

  3. Bah, I would love to sweat right now. The weather has been miserable the last few days with rain, storm and all!

    Btw. Love the new pin design and pendant!

  4. I love your swirls! They make me go “Whee!” As for air conditioning? I’ll be out and about doing the tourist thing with a house guest. There will be lots of sun and very little tradewinds. So I’ll be right there with you in a miserable puddle of sweat. (Now isn’t that an attractive mental image?)

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