sleepless Inspiration


Nugold Swirl with Swarovski Crystals.  New.  In the Shop

Sometimes, I don’t mind those times when, after waking up to make that necessary trip to the commode, I lay awake for awhile.  Lately, this has been when new idea’s fly into my head.  So much so last night, that I woke up this morning, took out my sketch book and made sure to put those new ideas down on paper.  They’re really not so new, but the embellishments are.  Doh!  Why not wire wrap some crystals onto my already created pins?  Why not indeed.  I love the way this came out.  The crystals remind me of the color of a warm ocean – the light blue and aqua just sparkle.  I’ve a new line of pendants, and earrings soon to hit the shop – soon, I say, because they are literally selling right off my body!  Which is welcome surprise.  I don’t know if I said this before on my blog, but I’ve always wanted to be an artist.  I could draw.  I could paint.  But never the images from inside my head.  With Metal, beads and a hammer – the ideas I get floating around in my head become reality at my bench – this is just too amazing to me.  That I could envision something in my mind, and actually form it with my hands and have it be the same?  Freakin awesome!

Thanks for all the sympathies on Josephine.  She is a stubborn wench.  I’m nearly back to the place I was pre-rippage.  Sigh.  I think this is gonna be a loooong winded knit for such a short little something.  Or perhaps I’m just going to be long winded about knitting it? 

Oh, and if you get a chance, go wish Jeanne a speedy recovery – she’s had a bit o’ surgery and I’m sure get well wishes will speed things up a bit!


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