Sooooo Close


One of my custom orders of late……I so enjoy working with my customers to create what they want!!

I’ve been plugging away, though you wouldn’t know it to look at the shop lately – I’ve been doing lots of custom orders and it’s been a blast.  These last two are in the shop for etsy customers.  And I’ve just noticed that I’m getting so close to 200 sales!!!!  As a special thank you, I’ll be sending out a goody package to my 200th sale customer!  My way of saying thanks!

Remember poor, poor Josephine?  sigh.  What is it with me lately.  I ripped her out.  She just wasn’t gauging up right.  So, not one to give up too, too easily… I’ve recast on again.  We had a long motorcycle ride today on some of the wonderful, winding roads we have here in Northwest New Jersey – 103 miles worth and 2.5 ass-numbing hours.  Don’t let the ass-numbing fool you, I had a blast and we only encountered one Jackass.  Who cut my DH off on RT. 80.  He knows who he is.  The last I heard, there’s no cure for Jackass. 

Welll, time to get back to Josephine – the deck awaits me!!


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