It’s Hot


But it did manage to cool down enough to make for a nice night last night – some photo’s taken in a secret location, trying out the Night Scene setting on my little camera – really did catch some nice shots of the, ahem, fireworks.

DH and I made an early trip to that Home Improvement store, pricing out some decking, paver stones etc for a deck/patio project.  Seems like patio is going to be the way to go – which is a little daunting as the deck needs to be demolished, but since I don’t do that kind of demolition, I’m not going to worry myself about it.  The males in my household, more than familar with my propensity for getting hurt (aka being a shit magnet) tend to steer me very clear of any and all major renovations – I do get to feed and water the workers, but only when they are not holding or near any sharp or powerful implements.  DH really did get a lot done – door between the garages is installed.  Pool is almost ready to be opened and shocked.  Garden is tilled.  Weeds are whacked.  Camper is being evaluated – a mouse did some damage that needs some repairing – bastid. 

I did get to go to knitting group and hang out with the knitty peeps.  It was a lovely time.  Making plans for a yarn crawl to philly in two weeks – that should prove to be a lot of fun and I’m excited – I’ve never been!  I worked on the second Sailors Rib sock – but you know when you’re just doing something to get it done?  Yeah.  It doesn’t go as fast as you want.  I’ve decided to rip the Summer Ariann – not happy with the yarn, and it’s just not doing it for me.  I did come home from group, sat on the deck and cast on for this…

Josephine from IK in Karabella Vintage Cotton – it’s a gorgeous yarn and I think I’m really going to be happy with this knit when it’s done.  I really wish I was motivated enough to figure out how to do stuff like this in the round – no seaming, no fuss.  But I know me.  I would screw it up under the best of circumstances.  So today, I plan on working on this a little, the sock a little and Icarus a little.  And that would be after anything else we happen to do a little of.  Oh, there is a crock pot of pork BBQ cooking up, to free up all that cooking time for knitting time. 

Oh, and did I mention that DS2, the numba one hand schmoo, is up today with a bad tummy?  Yes.  We are really getting hit with health crap this week.  DH is feeling better and on medicine.  The one bright spot in the family?  DS1 – he’s been happy and healthy and I’m relieved!

I think being sick earlier in the week has awakened some of my pet peevishness – I’ve decided I do not like or need “wings”, the word “kiddo” really bothers me and neighbors who hire bands to play louder than the sonic boom?  Oh boy.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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  1. Happy Dance for DS#1!

    Josephine is going to be the knit that brings you up from the Ariann blahs. The yarn looks like it’s fast and soft. (What?)

    Nice…um…spontaneous sparks!

  2. Sounds like a very nice day – fireworks, knitting group AND pork BBQ? Yummy! Josephine is going to be beautiful – the just always have the nicest yarn! I hope everyone gets better and that you all have a great weekend!

  3. Josephine is gonna be stunning in that beautiful yarn! Truth is I hate knitting in the round, too much “knitting” in one big dose – and I enjoy the finishing! One woman’s nightmare is another woman’s dream, right? 🙂

  4. Boy, do I know the feeling of knitting something to just Get It Done. I have a pair of socks OTN that are just like that. I’m seriously debating on just ripping them and giving the yarn to a more deserving and appreciative recipient.

    That cotton yarn for the Josephine looks so shiny and soft. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on it. 🙂 I’m glad I connected with your blog!

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