Make. It. Stop.


First, let me say, thank you all so much for your Feel Better Soon wishes – I think they’re working on the tummy troubles.  It’s going to be awhile before I can actually eat anything that isn’t, well, WHITE.  And I’m not really hungry most times.  And the weight loss is actually staggering – 10 pounds right now and I’m thinking before it’s said and done it might end up being more – since every time I do manage to eat something – I don’t feel so good.  Even bland, WHITE stuff.  Did I mention the WHITE? 

Well, anyway, while I was waiting on my third migraine pill to work (let’s not talk about it, it might hear us and come back) and taking my shower, because I had all intentions of going to work today……..My youngest was heading in this direction……………

No, that is not the newest style of Foam Numba One hands.  That’s his poor hand.  As he was on the way to the bus stop this morning, minding his own bidness, he tripped, fell and landed on some broken glass in the road. His Numba One finger.    One trip to the ER and six stitches later, he can now attend any appropriate sports-like game and fit right in.  Poor Schmoo.  Oh, and did I mention I had been getting ready for work – um, yep, didn’t quite make it in today, after all. 

I did manage to fiber-ate something today – I wound this into a hank, to arrange for soaking.  And when I say arrange, it is basically because I haven’t actually soaked it yet.  Apparently, running the water and putting in the wool soak was waaaaaay more energy than I can expend right now.  Apparently.  I’m just sayin.  It’s been a week.  I know it could be worse, believe me.  This is piddly compared to the major issues in the world.  I know this. 

230 yards of Merino – Mojave.

And now DH is working on a Stellar cold.  Hewhoshouldnotgetsick, is sick.  And I’m sure it’s the hormones, and I know it’s not the most sympathic stance to take with a loved one, but I keep telling him to stay the hell away from me.  So, you know what’s going to happen next, right?  Right.  I’ll be taking Airborne till the cow’s come home.  There’s less than 10 school days left for me (like I have any right to say that since I’ve been home for the last three) and I’m hoping to make it through to the last day without another day off – what are my odds? 

I must be missing food in some big sort of way – I’m watching the food channel, nauseous as all get out, and wishing I could eat that damn food right now.  Time to take the antacids…….


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  1. OMG! Too many crazy things happening on your end. Hope it lets up and that you don’t get sick again. 10 lbs, eh? That’s something, although not the way to lose it, but still? Is it wrong that I almost (almost, not really) would like to do that just to lose a bit of the weight?

  2. Holy crap! I got away for a few days and all hell breaks loose. OK, glad you are feeling better and hope you get all the way better. Hope Schmoo feels better soon, and sorry about his finger (it could have been worse, though – could have been the OTHER finger). Hope Hubby doesn’t really have a cold. And hope you are all better by this weekend!

  3. Horrible time to be in your house! Hope Schmoo’s finger gets better soon and that you are able to eat something in color. Food is always better in color.

  4. Hmmmm, should the Airborne fail, (God forbid!) try Zicam. I’m particularly fond of the nasty tasting throat spray and the nasal goo. Yes, I know. I have a knack for making things sound appetizing. They really do work well though.
    Also, yarn pretty, finger sad, 10 days left? Woohoo!

  5. You know, being the cup-half-full girl that I am – I just have to say… ten pounds? Holy!

    I know. I know. I’m missing all the bad stuff. Can’t I just be ‘that’ friend…just this once. You know, the friend who is sunshine and giggles. Just. This. Once.

    Mojave is da bomb. Ouchie on the finger….

    Get better already!

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