If You’re looking for Pretty Pictures….


You won’t find ’em here today.  I’m exhausted!!  Too much going on this weekend, lot’s of fun and just not enough time to even get the photo’s off the camera.

 It all started Friday – a special birthday dinner for a good friend – and high hopes of dancing, which amounted to us just sitting around, having a few drinks and catching up – boy are we getting old!!  Made it home by Midnight and didn’t overdo it at all. 

Saturday was a planned bike ride with DH.  First to go for a little wander and then lunch.  Which all changed by the time I zipped up and got the bike down the driveway – DH said, Wanna go to …….(insert Harley dealership of your choice here) and I said, sure, ya baby, let’s go look for your Roadking.  So therein lies our Saturday – two trips to the Harley dealer, a trade in and a new Road King for DH, who is extremely happy to say the least.  And I have to admit, he looks really good on that bike!  And I’m happy with my little Aprilia – now we just have to find a decent but not too costly communication system so when we’re out on our “own” rides, we can at least do more than hand signal and beep horns!! 

Sunday we took the Road King and my bike out for a 2 hour ride, beautiful but chilly.  Came back home and got ready to go to dinner at our closest’s friends house, which was lovely.  Mimosa’s – mmmmm, one of my favorite drinks.  And a wonderful dinner and time spent with friends.  We were home by 7, but then lazed about – I did a little spinning and plying and really, I was in bed and asleep by 9:45!! 

I haven’t knit in a few days – but really – I need to get back to the summer Ariann.  I’m sitting here typing this with my Schacht in front of me and half a bobbin full of “Sandlewood” merino – my most outrageous purchase from MD.  I’m loving the way it’s blending the colors and it really has a most golden color about it.  I promise to have pictures later in the week.  As it is – between all that good fun this weekend I hammered out 6 bracelets which seemed to fly out of my hands as fast as I made them.  I have a few things to make this week, and then I’m hoping to get stock built up.  I’ve started making earrings and pendants to match some of the bracelets I’m doing, and I’m hoping to get a few sets posted on etsy by the weekend. 

Well, that’s all the pictureless posting for now – have a great week!!


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