A Glimpse Of A Festival


What a great day.  It started with a nice ride down to Maryland – easy peasy with the new “navigator” and help from my co-pilot.  We made it down in just about 3 hours.  And even though we waited on line to park, it really wasn’t bad – the key is, have good company with you. 

I had a list and accomplished the big one on it – A Woolee Winder!!!  It is fan-frickin-tastic!  I’ve been spinning alllllll day today.  The dog yarn?  Done.  Plying it?  Done!  Soaking it?  Done!!!  On to spinning up some more of the Minuet?  In progress and loving it.  I can’t believe how much time it saves to not stop and change hooks on the bobbin – I’m mean, it’s just downright speedy!!  My Mother’s Day gift from the DH and I’m so happy to have it.

There was lots of fiber purchased, a skein or two of yarn, possibly some silk and some lovely soaps.  All to be photographed this week – you know, to make the festivities last longer.  Right now, it’s this blog post and then more spinning, leading to a nice BBQ chicken dinner. 

The ride home took a little bit longer than I thought, but it still went quite well – it did cloud up quite a bit while we were still in MD, but on the drive back it was mostly sunny skies.  After dropping Laurie off at about 7:30, I head home – well not really, I head up to my house, passed it right by and went to a neighbors house for a Cinco De Mayo get together.  I’m a tired dude today – happy, but tired. 

Coming soon – Fiber gifts from spinning friends, and the load o’ fiber scored at MD. 


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  1. Wha happened? I posted a comment before you put in words. sniffle.

    Cool slide-show.

    I had a SUPER BLAST! Thanks again for doing all of that driving.

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