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Orifice Hooks – for those spinners out there. (I’m not saying you can’t have one if you don’t spin, just that you may have to think up your own uses for them!)  They measure about 5 inches long, the  hook itself is hand hardened and the top encloses a tumbled, polished Stone.  I’ve been thinking on these for a long time (since I always lose the one hook I have, I thought, hey, make yourself some more, dummy!)  They feel nice in your hand – warm and vibrant.  Bad photo, but someone needed to see them yesterday, and wouldn’t wait.  I’ve not finished designing them yet – I still have a lot of ideas floating around in my head on how to wrap the stones, some pretty curves etc.  But do let me know what you think!  I always appreciate feedback. 

The school year is winding down.   It’s always a more “anxious” time for me – waiting on hearing what job assignment is in the picture for me, waiting on if the frequency at which I hear from my youngest’s school increases, which it did.  Trying to keep everyone on the right track – tie up lose ends, finish up projects, get them in on time (time being the key word).  And not to mention that everyone I encounted in the course of my work day, is pretty much “done”.  I tend to just veg out whenever I can.  Probaby get a little quieter, but I’m still around.  Just waiting to make the transition from school to summer vacation and hoping it all goes smoothly.  So, in order to quell that anxiety inside me, what better to do than cast on for a new project?  Yeah, that’s what I thought, so I did.  I cast on for a “summer” Ariann out of TLC’s cotton plus in spruce.  I actually ended up making the size smaller than I did before – because the cotton, she is wider.  And I’m always hoping I will lose weight – and actually, I did start exercising again.  So there you go, a new project.  Or a new second-time-I’m-knitting-this project.  I did finish on of the Sailor’s Rib socks and it’s so short on me – ?  Which is ok.  But not what I expected. 

I’m still adding to my list for Maryland next saturday!  I’m driving myself and Laurie down, and I’ve already added the Fairgrounds into my Nav system in the car, but I’m nervous a tad.  I know we’ll get there, and I plan on having printed directions as a backup, but dudes?  I’ve never driven that far without the DH.  I just realized how much I depend on him to get me places.  Don’t get me wrong – I can drive anywhere with good directions and do.  I drive back to LI all the time – and if being in the car 5 hours for a 2 hour drive counts, well, I have driven longer than it takes to get down to MD!  But is that really the same?

And I’m definitely selling the Lendrum.  I’m picking up a new drive band for it at MD, and then she’s going up for sale.  It’s a single treadle, four bobbins, custom bag from The Bag Lady and Jumbo Plying head with 1 Jumbo bobbin, plus a lazy kate.  I’ve just got too many wheels, not enough time!!

Knitting Group today – and lunch with Jeanne before hand.  And motorvehicle before that – I better get moving!!!  Have a great day!!


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  1. The hooks are beautiful, what a wonderfully creative idea!

    You know – I’ve been eyeing a lendrum for a long time to buy, in fact I was looking for a pre-used one but couldn’t find one. Is yours for sale? If so would you drop me a line? =)

  2. Too bad I had no need for those hooks, but they sure are pretty. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going for this wekeend. Hope it’s a good one.

  3. The orifice hooks look great. I only have plain ones that came with the wheel and I also always misplace them. I would guard one of these though, as they are very pretty.

  4. The hooks are genius! So far I haven’t lost the one that came with my wheel (it helps that there’s a hole for it on the wheel base, I think, and that I’m actually good at putting it back there). But in looking at those hooks I think, “I might not need to have one… but what if I need one later and don’t have it yet…?” You’re, like, the pretty sparkly thing pusher! Dang my crow-like affinity for string and sparklies!

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