Because I Am A Lemming


 Saw one of these on Jeanne’s Blog and because I am a Lemming and think she is a superstar, I have one too. 

I actually have not picked up my needles since thursday – I don’t know where the time’s gone, and why I’m not packing my knitting or knitting at lunch – must be the nice weather.  But I’m hoping to get on the sockage tonight. 

And realizing that MDS&W is less than two weeks away – and since the 400 pounds of wool and roving simply aren’t enough(?), I’m making a semi-list for purchases.  This way, I’m not running around, grabbing things like a woman high on wool fumes.  We also have a Cinco De Mayo Party that night to go to, just up the road a bit and I’m delusionally planning on going after we get home from the Fest of Wool.  Or at least stopping by for one itty, bitty harmless Margarhita.  I’ve noticed a lack of Maryland posts this year in bloglandia – is it just me, or am I not reading the really hot Festival posts? 

And the craziest news?  Well, really not that crazy at all in my opinion – Crazy Aunt Purl’s got a book coming out!!!   I’m looking forward to reading it – I enjoy Laurie’s blog so much and I’m glad to see she’s put her talent for writing out there. 

Here are few linkages for ya – Good Soapworks of Athens – I’ve been using this soap for about a month now and it’s just wonderful – I’m glad I order two bars and plan on ordering more.  Someday I intend on treating my self to one of these beautiful, handwoven Shawls by Scarfguy – he really has such an amazing eye for pattern and color.  And check out this cool shop – The Fearless Knitter – her California Sunset Rug is just Amazing.


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  1. Those slide shows are so cool. Alas, not for TypePad.

    Looking forward to MD S&W. I can just see you driving like a mad woman – “Gotta get the margarita. Gotta get the margarita.” I’m going to have lots of yarn in my lap, as a buffer.

  2. Was hoping that this is script one could stealload completely on one’s own blog. Nah, they want you to upload your pix.

    Time to go cruise the WP plugins.

    Thanks for the great idea (and the shawl pin of course)

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