Things That Go Growl in the Night


I negelected to mention in yesterday’s post about our exciting visitor in the early hours Saturday morning. 

 Frankly, this visitor is starting to piss me off.

 We usually sleep with our bedroom door shut, but for some reason, DH left it open.  Good thing.  Bailee, dog of the devil, sleeps right in the warshroom, which is immediately outside our bedroom.  At about 12:15am, she starts to growl.  This doesn’t immediately wake me, though I know it should.  But DH just says “what’s she growling at!” and I’m all like, still sleepy and I don’t really care (bad attitude, I know, but DH is there and he will protect me)  Next thing I hear DH say is BEAR!!!  I’m jumping out of bed, running from the warshroom door to the bathroom window to the side bedroom window, trying to catch a glimpse – and I do – of Bear ASS.  But then, because DH illuminated the side yarn, the bear makes a turn and heads directly up the hill………….towards the duck and chickens!  NOOOOOO. 

Duck and Chickens were quiet as mice.  Not a peep. And they are fine. We made lots of noise and the bear took off.  Of course all this was from the safely of the kitchen back door -we’re not stupid.  But I’m going to say – I’m a little sick a tired of these bearly visits.  Used to be, everyone else on the road saw the bear and I didn’t.  I think I liked it that way.  He tore down the EMPTY bird feeders again – and not only that – he tossed my solar light into the fish pond – guess he was pissed off.  Well, you Bastid Bear – I’m getting tired of you.  Nature Smature.  I’ve had enough.  Remember when I called Fish and Game on you and then repented because I didn’t want to see you trapped?  Remember that????  Well, lemme tell you, you’re way too close to my house, my duck and my chickens!!!  For Pete’s sake, you hang out and sit on my deck steps!!!!  Surprisingly, you leave my garbage cans alone – I guess we don’t have the good garbage.  But you are really starting to make me nervous – I really wish you’d stay away.  Yes, you’re a majestic, powerful creature.  Yes, you can be fascinating to watch. Yes, you have a right to your woods.  Yes. Yes. Yes.  But can you please just put a little more distance between you and our house?  Seriously – I could have reached out the back door and pet ya if I was so inclined!

Just a pretty.  Not in the shop.  Don’t really even know what to call it.  Sometimes I just “create” without a desitination in mind.  My friend, Leslie, wants me to solder, but I thought I’d give a try at assembly without heat and fire – which are not exactly friends of mine. 

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day, DH and I went for a ride in the new ride (he drove, I’m nice) and he scored a great Scale at an antique store.  I’m happy for him, he’s been looking for quiet awhile at these types of scales.  Me, I just went along for the ride, the possiblilty of a yarn shop and a great Sandwhich.  Everyone was out yesterday – and today, we are going to get our motor’s running and head out on the Harley – Have a Great Day everyone!  And knit a stitch or two for me, I neglected to pick my needles up yesterday, but I’ve got a date with the deck and a spinning wheel later, post-ride!


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  1. You said you saw bear ASS and I thought for a moment you were talking about your hubby sans PJ bottoms!!!! A bear near my animals would be very scary and repeated visits would upset me also. So glad he didn’t harm your duck and chickens!

  2. I think you should leave your computer outside, for the bear. Let him read your blog. Maybe he’ll be more understanding of your “space”.

    I like the new “no name”. Kinda spider webby, kinda happy swirly.

    You may quote me.

  3. Yikes; I would be excited about seeing a bear that close to my house for about eight seconds. Then I’d probably do something foolish like try to race it to the duck and chickens to try to protect them.

    Love the swirly/webby piece!

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