Nugold Fibula with Jasper Bead.  Newly Fibulated. 

Proof that I have done something this week.  Although, I do feel that the week went on forever, and I didn’t get anything accomplished.  I seemed to hit roadblocks no matter what way I turned – and I know it’s small stuff compared to the bigger happenings in the world. 

Even knitting on Icarus is s.l.o.w.  I mean – I whipped right through one repeat last weekend and now it’s taken me nearly all week to get through chart 3.  Figures – when you want something done, and done NOW it’s just not going to happen. 

Fun stuff – Laurie’s Birthday celebration and Jeanne’s saucing extravaganza last night !  What fun – we met to celebrate with Laurie, have dinner and basically just laugh ourselves silly.  Nothing like a good, relaxing time with the knitty peeps.  Thanks chickies!!!

Now, I know you know I have a shop on etsy.  But, like anyone else who’s running one, I don’t always get the time to tool around and see what’s out there.  Lately I’ve been really having a great time and I really want to share with you.  Today’s search on handpainted yarns had me restraining myself.  Go take a look at Ashabee’s Creations – wow!  And SpazSpun – some beautiful Merino and silk combinations.  Looking for a little Hand Painted Cashmere?  Try All Spun Up! And one of my personal Favorites, Ruby Sapphire Yarns – I have one of her sock yarns and one of her laceweights in my stash and they are just wonderful.  So, take a look around.  Do a few searches – find those talented artists that may not be the one’s on the tips of everyone’s tongues yet.  There are so many wonderful, talented artists on etsy, you just have to take a bit of time and discover what’s out there. 

It’s a sad, tragic time.  I know many of you have said it far better than I ever could.  My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims at VT and their families right now. 


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