Well, I’ve had my random number puller (DS2) pull a name out of the bowl (fancy contest bowl that it is) and I have a winner!  Karen!  (I don’t know her blog, or if she has a blog, but Karen, if you do, email me and I’ll link you).  She guessed the new car would be a Prius Hybrid.  The good thing is she didn’t have to be right, she just had to guess! 

The new car is a Ford Edge – it’s just amazing and I love it!  And it’s smaller than what I was driving, so better fuel economy – just in time for the gas prices to go up!  Yeesh.  We had some nasty weather, really not great for taking any sort of photo, so they’ll have to wait.  But I highly recommend this car.

And did you see the wonderful blog post that Kathy did about my pins?  Thank you, Grumperina – it’s an honor to be on your pages!

There has been knitting – I picked Icarus up and I’m about 40 rows away from bordering it.  I think I should get this one off the needles as I’m contemplating Peacock Feathers or The Hanging Garden Stole.  Now, I have the kit for Peacock Feathers – so this would be the easiest to start and one I’ve been really looking forward to doing.  But I’m really loving the Stole.  What to do, what to do!  One thing I definitely will do – whatever I’m working on, I will make sure I embed exactly where I left off if I have to put it aside for awhile- and not on a sticky note.  Don’t ask.  Suffice it to say – my Icarus may be slightly different than everybody else’s. 

Well, that’s it for now folks – short and hopefully sweet.  Have a peaceful week.


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  1. Congrats to Karen!
    I hear you on the gas prices, but you’re still lucky compared to the approx. 4.90€(~6.65$) we have to pay per gallon-yes, I did all the conversion from liter to gallon etc 🙂

  2. Oh, the joy of the Fiddlesticks patterns!

    Your car is a beaut – and it’s tough! wink-wink

    I’m sure Icarus will be wonderful – and I’ll bet you find the sticky note once you’ve cast off the last stitch.

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