A Pair Of Pairs


Ta-Da!!!  Not only did I finish the brown toe up socks, but my Monkeys are done, too!!!  I’m very happy with both pairs.  The Brown Trekking Pronatura’s, while a little tough on the hands, weren’t too bad to knit.  I’ll see how they fair in the warshing.  I curious to see how the bamboo wears.  The Monkeys – well, what can I say.  The pattern is just Stellar, and we all know who wrote it by now, so I won’t re-link you.  The yarn is to die for – Sophie’s Toes.  I have two more colorways of her’s that are destined to be more socks – for me!!!

And because my sock needles are now empty, bereft of knitting, lonely, dejected, cold, and missing the yarn…………….

I hoisted some Regia Silk out and cast on for a pair out of More Sensational Knitted Socks – using the Sailors Ribbing –  excellent book, the second I have from Charlene Schurch.  Packed with patterns, and info – it is, by the way, where I found the picot cast off for the brown socks that solved my too-tight dilemma.  I don’t think I would ever part with a single sock pattern book I have – I refer to them so much, even though I feel I’ve really come far as a sock knitter.  I actually can knit a pair without a pattern – which is something that I find most impressive about me, since I need directions for EVERYTHING.  Really.  If you know me, you know that. 

Other than the socks, and some laundry I don’t have much to really show for my days off – I think that’s ok with me though.  Just vegging out, relaxing and regrouping are just what I seemed to need.  I may squeak in some spinning just to say I did what I set out to do – but my allergies have settled down, and unless I can locate the mask I used to wear for dying yarn – I may just excuse myself for now! 

No new’s on the car – so the contest is still open for entries – remember – just guess what car I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for.  You don’t have to be right.  But I did just give you another hint.  Yeesh. 


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  1. Beautiful socks – gotta love Sophie’s Toes! I just got the new Schurch book today – and I’m already trying to decide what to make first. I know the answer on the car – can I “guess” now?

  2. Umm, the Ford Edge? Now, that you mentioned that, I was watching Extreme Makeovers and they gave someone that car/SUV. That’s the only reason I remember that one. Maybe that’s it? Anyway, great job with those socks. You’re done so quickly, awesome!

  3. Love the socks! I still haven’t completed a really patterned kind of socks pair and I don’t think the Jaywalkers count, the pattern is too easy.
    How is the Regia silk? I have some in the same color in my stash but want to use it for something special-like a first pair of patterned socks 😉
    I had to google for the car, but I think I know it now, will drop you a mail later!

  4. Hi Chris,
    I am Nancy, the winner of the shawl pin over on Grumperina’s blog (for knitting the 700th pair of Jaywalkers).
    My lovely pin arrived yesterday, and I wore it to work today with my Diamond Fantasy shawl. It was just great and I love it. Thank you for making this available for prize-giving. I don’t have a blog, but I hope the photos on Grumperina’s bloog will bring business your way. Thanks again. Great socks, by the way….

  5. Hey you….just saw on the news that there were nasty storms out your way – you ok? Worried about you…. Check on Laurie for me too, K?!

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