Think Spring?


Sterling Silver Leaf Shawl Pin with Aventurine – this pin reminds me of the little green leaves we should be seeing this time of year. 

I so love my days off – I’ve actually completed a pair of socks!!!  The brown Trekking socks are done – not only are they done, I ripped out the first cast off row and reknit it with the picot bind off.  They are both sitting pretty on my dresser right now.  Photo’s will follow, but after Monkey is done – I have a post in mind and one photo would ruin it right now. 

We celebrated the holiday on Saturday, so DS1 could get back to school yesterday – it was nice.  Easter is a low key holiday for us for the most part.  My FIL passed away, Easter Sunday awhile ago,  and while we don’t ignore the holiday, it is a kind of “reminder”.  Also, when your children are older, it is a little less frantic with the sugar highs and such!!!  Anyway, I don’t have to go back to work until Wednesday, so I fully intend on enjoying the next two days.  Oh – shelves were moved into the “studio” yesterday, so I plan on devoting at least 15 minutes each day to moving stuff upstairs – following the Flylady method of decluttering, of course!  You should check her out – lot’s of great tips for getting orgainized and I wouldn’t dream of setting up a new spot without “decluttering” first!

Have you seen this Shawl?  Anne does such beautiful designing – I couldn’t resist this.  She does have quite the pattern catalog, so you should definitly take a look around at Knitspot.

I should be showering right now, and heading into the studio to spin some of that doghaired concoction that is making my allergies scream – I promised two skeins and then the rest is going back – this stuff is along the lines of angora and I’m pretty much having the same reaction to it.  Just to set the record straight – I don’t do dog hair as a general rule.  I have nothing against it, except what it does to me allergy wise.  This is definitely a favor for a friend. 

And anyone know someone who’s looking for a Lendrum Single Treadle Spinning Wheel?  I’ll be having one to sell shortly – with the bag and lazy Kate etc.  I think there is even a plying head somewhere…..drop me a comment if you’d like more info!


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  1. The pin makes me think of pea pods and Spring! Very pretty. 🙂

    Knitspot sure does have a HUGE catalog of patterns. I like the way she lists everything you’ll need.

    Good luck with the “hair of the dog”. You’re a good friend but I’m not asking you to “spin” Wes! LOL!

  2. Spinning dog fur, well, that’s some dedication. Mohair and angora makes me sneeze and itch. I do love Anne’s patterns and have bought several of them.

  3. that pin is so pretty! it reminds me of tender pea shoots in the garden . . . i’m scooting over to the etsy shop now to look around; i have a hard time finding shawl pins i like, and you might have some!

  4. The pin is very pretty – sort of Lord of the Rings….enjoy your days off – I’m jealous! You should try the Destash blog for your wheel – I sold mine there.

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