Spring has Fizzled?


Nugold Flower Fibula.  New!  At the Shop!  In light of the SNOW showers we’re getting now, hurry up and go get yours – I’ll be making more – something has got to chase the snow away and let Spring in!  Yeesh.

I have a few days off now, and I’d like to say I have great ambition – like say, moving all the rest of my stuff to the new studio, making more Pins and markers, knitting the rest of CPH.  But I think I either have a bad case of the allergies, or a damn cold.  Bleech.  Why do my holiday breaks seem to be taken up with illnesses this year?  Anyway, I pick DS#1 up today, do some sort of cleaning thing and maybe food shopping thing.  Don’t know if we’re are doing the holiday dinner tomorrow or Sunday because DS has to get back to school.  Monday – could be delivery day of the new vehicle.  And just take a guess, oh faithful readers – you don’t have to be RIGHT, you just have to venture a guess!  Tuesday I’ve got plans with a great friend – and Wednesday the fun is over and it’s back to work, work, work.  Met the knitty peeps last night for dinner and some booking and knitting.  Always a nice pick me up!  And I’m going to try to post something new in the shop a few times a week – ha!  We’ll see how that goes.  I’m thinking on doing a spring craft show – I’ve done shows before, but never with the jewelry – so it’s a little scary, but I think I’d like to test the waters.  Have a great weekend!!


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  1. Ah! Flower Fibula Love! Spring HAS sprung.

    Maybe not allergies. Probably a cold…’cause I’ve got it too! 😦 Rats! But better to get it from a friend than a not-friend. 😀

    Your days off are all busied up! Guess I won’t be seeing the new..ahem…car until next week.

    Have fun with da boyz! Feel better!

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