This Does Not A Pair Make and… A Contest


But it proves that I’ve been working on something!  The brown sock is Trekking Pronatura (with Bamboo) with a simple lace edging ala Wendy(scroll down a bit).  The Green – well it’s got to be Monkey, made with Sophies Toes sock yarn – just wonderful stuff.  I will turn both of these singletons into pairs, but I got distracted so easily into making Monkey.  And….the brown one has to have the cast off ripped and redone – to something a little less tight.  Probably a sewn cast off.  But something I don’t have to break into a sweat to get the sock on would be good.  Honestly.  What was I thinking.

Silver Swarovski Markers in the shop.

 Whew.  What a week.  So much to say, so much to gibber about.  So I’ll randomate.  First, I saw a really interesting news report on Anonymous internet slandering – caught my attention because, well, it kinda happened to me.  And though it wasn’t as bad as what the people in the newscast were going through – my reputation was trashed a bit, slung around by people that don’t know me, that, to the naked eye, seem nice enough.  But hey, anonymous isn’t really anonymous when you know who they really are – and that is my point I guess.  Why say something about or to someone under what they think is the protection of “anonymous”?  Does it make them feel brave?  Does it give them the gumption they otherwise wouldn’t have?  Or does it seem to give them a free card to be nasty to someone they don’t even know?  I think – it really says more about the kind of person THEY are, then the kind of person the comment is directed at.  Unfortunately for the people on the newscast, they didn’t have any recourse.  I guess it struck me because the word, written or otherwise can be such a powerful force in other peoples lives and have such an effect – sometimes I don’t think we realize the extent of our words.   

Let’s see, what else?  Oooh!  Remember this person?  Well, oops, they did it again.  Now I took my time about what to do  – thought it out.  And you know what?  I just went to the powers that be.  And they, those dandy powers – well, they have my back is all I’m going to say – and I’m forever grateful.  It’s nice to have a job that someone knows what you’re supposed to be doing and keeps most of the extraneous bullshit out of the mix.  Add on to that the three days of migraines and all the accompany-ing things – well, I’m very, very glad last week is over. 

Here’s the good news – the taxes – they are done!!  And they’re good!  And we are so happy – I’m getting a new car!!!!!  When?  Don’t know – but it’s on “order” so to speak.  I’m very excited, even on the edge of my seat, waiting for the one I want to get delivered.  Can you guess what it is? (there is a hint in that last sentence….)   Send me your guess at chrissy-g at comcast dot NET (and if you know already because I told you, ahem, you can’t really play) and I’ll pick a name out of the “hat” on delivery day for a set of stitchmarkers!!!  Yippee – a spur of the moment contest!!!

And we had a ride day saturday – took a long family ride out in Pennsy – and came upon a really intriguing, sad ghost town called Centralia – have you ever heard?  Well, apparently this town that was, is sitting on a burning coal vein – yes.  That’s right.  Over 40 years ago – the coal underground caught on fire and the town was almost entirely vacated – now we saw one house adjacent to some smoking ground by a cemetary – and all the vent pipes around.  But it was so sad and eery.  There were quite a few people walking around – which I frankly wouldn’t do since there are signs everywhere warning people that the ground could “collapse”.  Blocks of where houses used to be. The old RT 61, blocked off because the road is heaved, splitting apart with big fissures.  Very, Very sobering.  

CPH is still sitting beside me here in the basket, waiting for some sleeve knitting elf to get to work.  Feel free to visit my knitting basket!


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  1. DRAT! You made me look at the YARN!!!! I am strong, however. Besides, I want something green. LOL!

    I know what kind of car! I know! hee hee

    I thought I saw the knitting fairy over in Rockaway. She might have been heading in your direction. Maybe she’s like Santa. You can’t be there when she arrives or she goes to the next house.

    And leave her chocolate.

  2. I have no idea what kind of car, and I’m a terrible guesser. So instead I’ll just say that the socks look great, but those stitch markers look fanTAStic! 🙂

  3. Diggin’ the socks… really like the green. Yay to kissing the taxman goodbye…!! And a new car! Woo hoo! Won’t guess but… will I get to ride in the new Porsche (what, it could happen, man) when I visit? Eh? 🙂

  4. I have no idea what type of vehicle it might be, but congrats on getting a new one! How do you like knitting with the Trekking ProNatura? I thought the bamboo sock yarn might be fun to knit with. Both socks look great. I finally cast on for my second sock of the Monkey pair.

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