Green Periot Millefiori Stitchmarkers

As much as I love the winter and really enjoy those days off due to snow, I think I’m feeling a little restless for some spring color – and I think it may be reflected in my color choices on my lastest markers and pins.  I really, really love this Millefiori glass, and the colors are some of my very favorites. 

Nugold Kilt Pin – Aqua Floral

It’s even reflecting in my latest sock yarn purchase from Sophies Toes – Emily had an update the other night, and, along with Jeanne, I’m in awe at the yarn itself and the quantities that get sold in such a short time!  I did look at the preview photo earlier and knew I wanted the greens, and as soon as Jeanne and I signed off IM, it came up for sale – and was promptly purchased!  It arrived today.  Along with my order from Fire Mountain Gems – I’m branching out a bit in my selections of beads and I’m really happy with these selections – I can’t wait to get to work on some new pins.  And they have terrific customer service – I had a little oops in my order and they’ve promptly corrected it and are now shipping it out to me – Fed-EX. 

The CPH is really coming along – the back and both fronts are done and I’m sailing to sleeve island right now – sorry about the lack of photo’s – I’m a little tired this week, and lazy, and the mere idea of setting up a photo right now is the farthest thing from my mind.  I will catch up with that – but really – do you need to see the parts or would you just rather wait for the finished sweater?  Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

And at the Knitting Nelly Blog, I did find this really neat way of doing a jogless bind off – and like the author says – I’m sure I’m the last one to the party on this – but I’ve even asked people about how to get rid of that jog and been told it’s impossible – so I pass this on to you, just in case you didn’t know it either – makes so much sense when you see this, yes?  I thought so.

Also,  I have to give the folks at Etsy so much credit – they had a rather unscrupulous happening this week, that was handled superbly by the administration – really makes you glad to be a part of something that cares about both it’s Sellers and Buyers.  I don’t want to get into too much detail here – suffice it to say there were mulitple purchases from some shops that just weren’t the real thing.  Etsy handled it with such speed and professionalism – I’m truly impressed.   Other great news at Etsy – go give a look see and some encouragement/support to knitty peep Laurie and her brand new Etsy shop, Lima Pop Shoppe – her markers are just beautiful (and I know, I’ve seen them up close!!)


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  1. Thanks for the link to Knitting Nelly Blog. What a clever yet simple way to neatly bind off!
    Won’t be seeing the gang tomorrow (call me selfish, but I don’t want to share my virus) so here’s a wish to everyone for a wonderful Spring season! PS.Lovely bead work!

  2. hi, i am looking for that knitting nelly post about the jogless BO in the round…it seems to have disappeared from the interweb! did you happen to save it?

    thanks 🙂

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