REally Big, Super Duper Shop Update


But since stupid wordpress (yes, you heard me wordpress, pffft!) won’t give me the upload box for photo’s, you’ll have to wander on over to the Etsy Shop to see if I’m telling the truth.  I have to apologize for the huge upload today – but I really don’t think I’m going to have the time to do a few a day like I had planned – we visit the TaxMan next weekend and I think I’ll be busy trying to get my stuff together for that.

And what is the deal with wordpress and the sometime ability to upload photo’s with their own photo browser.  First, it never worked for me.  Then, boom, I had the box and used it pretty regularly.  Now, today?  Not so much.  No matter how many times I refresh, sign in, sign out, stand on my head and wiggle my fingers.  Nothin.  If you have a clue, fill me in – I love to know the source of my fustration and hope it’s not my own inability to do something.  It could be a rather simple explanation, I know.  Or it could be an elaborate scheme, thunked up by Rox, because she know’s I’m so going to try to get her back for burning my retina’s with that image at the end of her last blog post – thanks Rox – I can see it when I have my eyes closed!

I’ve been getting some knitting done on the CPH – I would show you a photo, but, well, see above’s rant.  I’m now on the right front and will head into sleeve island before too long.  I’m really loving how this is knitting up, although I wish I thought to figure out how to knit it in one piece – really regretting that decision the closer I’m getting to assemblage.  Damn me. 

Other than that and our unexpected N’oreaster yesterday and subsequent Snow Day (yay), I’m out. 

Although, I do have one more question.  WTF is with that new Pregnancy Test commercial that, ahem, simulates peeing on the stick?  Am I the only one that thinks, ewww, not the way to sell it guys? 


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  1. Gosh. I guess I missed out on the new commercial. Thank goodness for the commercial skip button!

    Your newest additions are beautiful. Those kilt pins – gotta get me a kilt! LOL!

    You stood on your head and wiggled your fingers? Did you try to rub your tummy and pat your head? I heard that works. Go on. Try it!

  2. Hey now, it could of been worse. Rather than Leto – could of been me. Yeah. Now you are thankful it was only Leto arent you. Uh huh.

    Good luck with Taxman. Going to run over and check out your store…. can’t wait to see all the clever stuff you always have!

  3. Oh My Goodness! Those commercials. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s slightly horrified by them. They put me in mind of the attempt by Always in the early nineties to put some reality into their printed ads. Red fluid instead of blue. Need I say more?
    I found your blog via Knit Perchance to Dream and I think I’m addicted. You make stunning jewelry.

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