Being Sick Sucks or What I Did This Week


Blech.  I have been sick.  I have some sort of morphing cold/congestive ick with a stomach virus chaser that has kicked my ass this week.  Poor me.

But it didn’t stop me from having a great yarn crawl with Laurie and Jeanne – go, check out their photo’s – I’m not posting any right now.  They would likely be blurry and covered with germs.  But I did have a great time – and bought some nice yarn.  You can’t beat that.  Sunday things really started to ferment for me and I spent a lot of time knitting on DH’s Sharfik – so much that I finished it Sunday night.  I haven’t had a chance to photograph it because it’s been around DH’s neck since Monday – he apparently is very happy with it.  And Malabrigo is just the nicest yarn to knit with.  Love it.  Totally hooked.  DH and DS went to Hunter Mt. Sunday to Monday to ski, and by the time they arrived home Monday, I was firmly ensconced in bed.  Not having totally wasted my time – I finished the mate to the Baby Cable Rib socks from the yarn that Susie gifted me.  Delicious yarn.  I immediately cast on for another pair with Trekking Pro Natura – and I’m liking it so far.  Tuesday I cast on for the Central Park Hoodie in the yarn I procured from Laurie, after she decided it wasn’t a good color on her (it so is, but hey, you can’t argue when someone is offering you yarn!)  I did have to order two more skeins from WEBS, but they had the same lot and the yarn arrived Monday, so here I am, almost done with the back.  I had thought of knitting this up in one piece, but could not entertain the simple task of figuring that out.  And I mean simple.  But Dayquil and Simple apparently don’t mix.  Oh Check this out –Knitting Daily –  it’s going to be coming out soon, (I hope so) sign up for your two free patterns.

I had a totally entertaining post compilied in my head for you – how I’m so tired of Rosie and could do without seeing the lastest crap she’s stirred up in the press.  How A*azon is pissing me off a little with the way they are pricing their stuff, or letting other sellers price stuff – it’s not an auction site, or did I miss something?  And their release dates are totally confusing me and a few others from what I’m reading.  And then there’s a meme that Rox has started that I think I want to do.   And it has nothing to do with World Peace or Miss America.  And this is for Laurie and Jeanne because I was told I would get a dollar just for saying this on my blog.  It’s Just a Fuckin “H” people.  That’s all. 


– I had really enjoyed when I worked part time – what was I thinking?

– I stood up for myself, more, earlier on.  I’m so gullible sometimes. 

– my etsy shop emptied and people would wait for email updates from me on my next shop update!!!!!

– I could do what I love and quit my day job.

– I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

– people would do what they say, when they say they will.  This comes from me doing what I say when I say I will, and I realize it.  But it still makes me wish it. 

– I had a house cleaner.  Free up more time for metal and fiber pursuits.

– for just one more snow day – I feel like we were gipped this winter.  And I would gladly take some snow off anyone who was more than enough snow-wise this year – send it my way! It’s not spring yet…

– I had a box of chocolates.

And that’s all I have to say ’bout that.


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