Why You Shouldn’t Run People Over In Parking Lots and Other Noteworthy News…



First – the Noteworthy News – Ariann.  Finished.  Sorry for the really, really bad photo – but this is as good as it’s going to get right now – and I’ve creatively hidden a double chin, so I’m ok with this.  I love, love, love this sweater.  Did I say LOVE?  Yes.  I want to make another already. 

 Started:  December 29, 2006   Finished February 26, 2007.   Yarn:  Cascade 220

I would have finished this long ago – but two rippings because I cannot allow myself to knit one single thing without ripping it at least one time, thereby pissing myself off and having a tantrum, punishing the knitting like it’s the knitting’s fault, knowing full well that it’s not and avoiding it because now I have a anxiety about screwing up again.  If I didn’t do all that – it probably would have been done in the beginning of January. 

And since the title of my post refer’s to running people over – no, I didn’t run anyone over.  But I was nearly run down today by a woman who has no regard for human life whatsoever.  Said woman – biznotch that she is – looked me right in the eye and I know I registered in her teeny little excuse of a brain – while I was making my way to my car, which was parked right next to her.  She then started her evil little vehicle, now to be known as the car that helped to try and run me down, and proceded to BACK THE HELL UP!!!  While I was directly in back of her evil, evil car!  I yelled so loud, she heard me and slammed on her brakes.  And then, take a deep breath people…………..she. gave. me. a. dirty. look.  Like, oh, I don’t know, I made her try to run me over?????  WTF???  Have some people become so numb and self absorbed, that upon nearly running someone over with a CAR – not a small tricyle, mind you, but a car, have we completely lost our damn minds and have somehow found a way to justify not even looking remotely remorseful upon nearly almost, very possibly maiming or killing someone?  Lady?  I feel totally fine with calling you an asshole today.  And let it be known, I only called you that after you looked at me down your snooty little nose and didn’t so much as nod your teeny tiny little head in my direction in the littlest attempt at an apology – a POX on you and your evil little car!

Whew!  Ok.  So, the shop is updated – again – with more kilt pins – I had sold completely out and really need to make a lot more – but here’s the latest.  Thanks so much for all your support and you know who you are!!


Onto knitting – I’ve cast on for a scarf for the DH – and I’ve ripped it out (see above).  And now, I’ve cast on again – but narrower.  I wouldn’t have enough yarn the other way, but now, I think we’re gonna be ok.  It’s not going to get photographed till it’s done probably, since it’s a dark yarn and now, it’s dark out.  But it should knit up fast.  And I hope so because Laurie and I are going to embark on the Central Park Hoodie!!  And, Laurie, Jeanne and I have a yarn crawl planned for this Saturday – which may find some yarn for said CPH.  You just never know! It is so very neat to have knitty friends to do knitty things with and they totally get your need for yarn and your obsession with it – I’m so glad I met you guys!!


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  1. Ariann looks amazing – I love it! It looks great on you – and I am completely filled with jealousy that yours is done, and mine is sitting here (but I do almost have a second sock done!).

    Sorry that you had an “incident” with the idiot in the parking lot – it is really amazing how rude people are. Glad you didn’t get hurt.

    Want to finish my Ariann for me? Please?

  2. Holy moly! Ariann is absolutely fab and looks awesome on you! If I evah finish my Ribby Cardi…. Ariann may be next. Really beautiful work chick.

    As for car woman. Judging by what I would of did to her, especially after the nasty look situation – I think even more highly of you. She deserved at least a couple bad words. Really. Bad. Words. 😉 In fact, hmph, gimme her name. I’ll take care of it. hehe

  3. Hah– beaten to the punch. I was about to ask what kind of car the blind woman was driving, so that I could hunt her down (futile, I know, since I live in a different state… but the thought was there!).

    Ariann looks fantastic! I hope you get to wear her a lot, by turning down the AC in your house because the weather is too nice outside, 😉

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