WII Found It!!!



Or should I say, I found it.  After missing out one about three weeks ago, at a certain big childrens toy store, I searched around on the internets and visited a few message boards and found this handy little link:

Handy Link

Now, when I found it, it had another zip code in it, so I just put mine in, instead.  And I would check every other day or so.  Even put myself on the “email when available” options.  Last night I checked and noticed a store about 45 minutes away was going to have them.  I was up in the middle of the night(don’t know why, just couldn’t sleep!)  and another store, not so close had the same thing.  This morning, yet another store seemed to have stock.  So I contemplated making the 45 minute drive.  I figured there were some other errands I needed to do and perhaps I would just do them on the way there.  Well, I arrived at 9:30 (store opens at 10) and noticed what I thought was the usual “sold out” sign on their front door.  I left the car without my coat, not noticing any lines and as I walked closer, it became clear that it was not the usual sign.  It was a “line forms here for the WII” sign.  I hotfooted it back to my car, grabbed my coat and stood under that sign for all of 2 seconds – I was just popping my other ear bud in and a nice man popped his head out the side door to inquire if I was there for a WII – I hesitantly said yes, thinking – he’s going to tell me sorry, sucka, we’re out.  But no – instead, he hands me a voucher that guaranttees me a WII!  He even said, go, go shopping and come back, this one is yours and it will be your’s until 12 noon.  I nervously killed some time with another mom in W – mart (right next door) and at a little before 10 I was with a group of maybe 8 people waiting for the doors to open.  By 10:20, me and the WII were on our way home!  It’s AWESOME.  And I think it’s good exercise too – lot’s of moving and jumping around. 

Yesterday was Knitting Meetup – Jeanne was feeling under the weather, so she didn’t make it.  But Laurie and I were there and so were some of the other “regulars”.  It was nice to get out and knit for a bit – I brought Ariann with me – I’m finally past the point of where I was before the last rippage – and this is getting done, I tell ya.  Ariann will be worn this winter.  And winter it still us, judging by the Winter Storm Warning we are currently under.  I’m very excited – and hopeful we may have a snow day tomorrow. 

 I was also able to update the shop a bit yesterday – my stock has gotten so low – which is a good thing, but still, I’ll be making more to stock the shop with this week.


I love me the Fibula’s!!!! Fun to make and even better – you won’t lose that darn stick pin!


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