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The Canada Socks.  They are done.  Not Blocked.  Don’t get all crazy on me.  But they’re finished.  I may even wear them before blocking just because I can. 

Canada Socks

 Started:  January 16, 2007 – Finished: February 20, 2007 – not too bad considering I had many distractions.  Yarn:  Elann Devon – great stuff  – just don’t stick it in the washer per Jeanne

This was my first real bout of colorwork and I’m ok with it.  I think they came out pretty well for a first timer.  And I’ve cast on for those mitts now, Laurie, so get your knit on!


As I just said, I did cast on the ribbing for the EndPaper Mitts.  Because I’m challenged and cannot even look at pictures and do what they say in simple terms, I’ve decided to do a cable cast on instead of the tubular cast on.  It looks fine to me so far, but you know how that goes.  If someone could show me this tubular thing (it’s totally tubular, man) I’m sure I’d get it, kinisetic  learner that I am.  But, even though I’ve taught myself how to read directions very well, this just escapes me.  And they’re great directions too.  It’s me. 

This week is the week for getting things done – insurance approved and paid for? – check.  Cars registered? – Check.  Emergency Brake in car fixed, almost? – Check.  Appointment for inspection of said car? – Check.  Accountants name and number procured? – Check.  I’m feeling a little less pressure on my being right now, and it feels good.  Then why am I feeling like I forgot something……?


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  1. Those are beautiful, love the colorwork and side details! You have to fill us in on how they fit – I always hesitate to make colorwork socks because I worry they would be too tight.

  2. Hey! You started without me! I’m going to check out those tubular instructions. Maybe I can figure it out by Saturday.

    Yes! Wear the Canada socks! Didn’t you say that’s how you block them? 🙂

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