Big Doin’s On The Long Weekend



Progress was made in the studio – mostly yesterday – that is three and a third  shelving units put together by me.  ClosetMaid Cubeicals – great, easy and when I get the other six cubbie drawers I need, it will look much better.  That corner of the room is almost done – I think I may add some step down cubbies to the top but I’m not sure yet.  And I feel like I’m running out of room – and this room is at least twice as large as the craft room I occupied to capacity downstairs.   But – the yarn, it’s all there (except what’s in my ottoman in the living room) Hidden by the cubbie drawers, but they are STUFFED.  I did knit on the Canada sock – I’m through the heel and onward to the toe.  I did touch Ariann, if you look very closely, that’s her, residing in that heap in the right corner – she’s got her own basket next to a chair – place of honor to get working on her when I’m ready.  Oh, and I think I’m selling the Piano – it’s taking up valuable real estate in that room and let’s face it – it’s not getting any playage at all. 

It was a glorious 4 days off – Laurie and I started it off on Friday with a bead/yarn/lunch outting – but alas, no knitting!  So weird, but there were donuts.  Saturday was a friends birthday party.  Sunday I was honored to meet Wesley and shop with Laurie – Fossil bags on sale – need I say more????  Oh, and there was lunch too and visiting at Laurie’s house and knitting.  Sunday was for purchasing, lugging and assembling the shelves – DS2 moved all my yarn for me from downstairs – the knee’s were hurting from the kneeling and the assembling.  He’s a great mover – I think I’ll be employing him again. 


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  1. Looks great – I can’t wait to see it in person! Can I snoop through the shelves? Sounds like you had a great weekend too – always nice to see friends AND be productive.

  2. Do you know why your comment box is all the way at the bottom of the screen from your blog post? Just curious. Congrats on making progress on craft room. All the cubbies look great. One day, I may be a big girl and have a craft room . . ::sigh::

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