Nickel Silver Flower Cuff Bracelet

I don’t mind the snow much at all, since I get to work with colors like these.  Laurie and I went on a bit of an excursion yesterday – first to the bead store that wasn’t open last week, were we indulged in a bit o’ bead buying.  Not the greatest shop, but I did find some unusual beads to incorporate in my work.  Then we hit the yarn store that wasn’t open on Monday – and didn’t buy a thing.  I think we both wanted to, but, ah, no.  We couldn’t.  Cracker Barreled for lunch and then another trip down to the Wooley Lamb – which was a bit disappointing.  We went looking for fingering weight yarn, and it seems like whenever your looking for something – well, you don’t really find it.  We both came away with 4 balls each of Rowan Cashsoft – for the Endpaper Mitts and matching scarf ( I talked Laurie into that – LOL) – I’m all about the accessories and what’s a pair of mitts without a scarf?  We decided that the next yarn crawl will be in a more yarnshop congested area – and we have to wait for Jeanne to accompany us, too.  We had a lot of fun, despite some nut trying to hit us in Cracker Barrels parking lot (thanks Laurie, whew!) and some idjiot on rt 31 who apparently couldn’t tell the difference between his brake and gas pedal while trying to cut me off.  I laughed my ass off, because if you don’t get hurt, you must laugh or give in to severe road rage and we were having too much fun for that. 

So in order to clear the decks for the mitts – I must get this Canada sock DONE – and I did all the color work on the cuff yesterday.  The more I do colorwork, the more comfortable I’m getting and I’ve even moved on to carrying a color in each hand, which is, well – handy.  Goes much quicker.  Looks neater.  Now I’m into the stockinette and hope to be on the way to finishing this before the holiday weekend is over.  Laurie is waiting on some needles anyway, so patience. 

And I have to say, I’m so very excited – I get to meet Wesley tomorrow!!!!  Yes, Binky, I’m gonna meet your man!  If you have any messages, let me know and I’ll deliver them for you – he’s gonna be 1 on Monday, and I wanted to do a cake, but his mom said no, cat’s don’t eat cake.  What a shame. 

We have a friends 50th birthday party to go to tonight – we are trying to get in the party mood, but I know DH is tired and part of us want to just stay in.  But the other part, well, we do like a good party…..


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  1. You guys…. always having fun, going on adventures. I can’t afford to move there…. what are the odds on you moving to KS? Eh? Binks says to give Wes a big cuddle hug for her ..please.

  2. Wesley is excited! He can’t wait to chew on your yarn. Don’t mention his birthday – he’ll want a gift and he’s got plenty of toys.

    We’re gonna have a good time tomorrow, tho I don’t know if any yarn buying is in the stars.

    Beautiful bracelet. Your creativity blows my mind!

  3. Sounds like a great time! The bracelet looks great.

    BTW, I got my markers and pin. I love them both. I have been wearing the pin like crazy with my stole.

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