Something Snowy This Way Comes….



Sterling Silver Fibula in the shop….

Those silly weather people are saying the “s” word again.  If the way my head feels is any indication at all of the weather changes headed our way, I’m leaning towards believing them – and their near blizzard conditions of a forecast – supposedly this event is going to start Tuesday night and go into Wednesday – will the forecast be correct?  Stay tuned…

Yesterday we had a wonderful Knitting meetup – sometimes we laugh so hard, I’m surprised we get any knitting done at all.  We have quite a variety of ages – from 20 somethings and up.  I really get annoyed when knitting is associated with age – who the heck started that little age/knitting correlation?  And why is it when people want to zing you they play the age card? Do they think they’ll never age themselves?    When you associate a specific activity with age isn’t that age-ism? I really think it is a form of  Passive agressive jealousy.  I think that’s it.  We have a blast, get out of the house (because we’re shut ins, don’t you know? dripping with sarcasm)  and socialize with our friends – I think that’s a common thread through all the ages.  Young,old, married, single,parent, grandparent – who cares as long as you find what you enjoy? I feel sorry for people who exclude themselves from a group because of a pre-conceived judgement on their part. 

I’ve been still knitting on the “socks” – not the pair but a little bit here and there on the Canada sock and a little bit here and there on the toe up sock.  I have to pull Ariann out and I will this week – Jeanne – but right now, too much headache to sit and concentrate.  I’ve moved my metal working equipment into the new “studio” – moved the futon out today, have to leave the piano in.  The TV, tables and what-not can come out, but this will be a slow move – I have to make measurements, figure out how to arrange things and gets some storage in there.  Plus there may be a slight rumor that there could be painting going on – two walls are dark wood paneling.  It could just be a rumor, too.  Time will tell.  Laurie was kind enough to give me an Ikea catalog so I can research my storage options.  There are some reasonable things in there that I think will work nicely. 

Exciting news over at Dogs Steal Yarn – Cari is hopefully going to be designing and selling knitting patters for  Kidswear!  Go on over there and offer your encouragement and support – I think she’ll have much success!  All the best Cari!!

There was a yarn delivery yesterday – I don’t want to say where or who bought what – but lets just say another Shifting Sands could be started using some Red Java Malabrigo – another rumor swirling in the knitting rumor mill.  There could have been some Artyarns #155 mixed in with that too, and I really can’t speak for someone else’s purchases – this is all the fault of yarn shops who don’t open their doors on Mondays – what are knitters supposed to do -just go home?  Or go home and internet shop?  What would you do?


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  1. my my more yarn???
    I’m eyeing some cashmere…and saying that the move is what’s behind my inability to follow my plan for Knit from Stash – well..I AM knitting from stash, but…

    Won’t it be funny if the weather guys are RIGHT?
    Will they know what to do with themselves if they are???

    Have a great week!

  2. Your studio is going to be so nice – can’t wait to see it! Very nice stash enhancement! I’m looking forward to the snow – but only if it doesn’t mess up my plane on Thursday! Had a great time this weekend and looking forward to the next one!

  3. Hmm, nice stash enhancement! There might be some in my near future too, though I said I would knit from my stash for a while. I just found out that the new tuition fee(we are the first to pay any, thanks very much) won’t be due untill sometime in june and I already saved up enough for it.
    As for groups and ages I found out that age really doesn’t matter at all. I don’t understand why some people have those prejudices anyway, I never had any problems with older folks, just because they are older. Maybe that’s because I “hang around” with my mum and her friends sometimes and they are far away from any of those prejudices.

  4. Those fibula’s are THE BEST! I use them for my sweaters but also to decorate my pocketbook. They’re the #bee’s knees#.

    Age. Yeah. I just slap on some BenGay, color my hair and hobble out of the house. It’s all an old woman can do.

    I don’t think I can hold off the snow anymore. It’s all yours!

    So, who else bought yarn? Anyone I know? (innocent gaze)

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