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Shifting Sands and Shawl Pin

Shifting Sands is done, blocked and gifted already.  A very good friend retired from work today, after many years of dedicated service.  Have you ever started a knitting project, without a particular recipient in mind, then, while you’re knitting it a particular person just keeps coming to mind?  Well, that’s what happened while I was knitting this scarf.  I left the scarf and pin, wrapped up, on my friends desk this morning while there was  a farwell breakfast of sorts going on in the staff room.  Oddly enough, she was wearing another of my pins today with a lighter aqua sweater – which goes to show you how much I thought this was her color.  She commented on the pin I was wearing right away – which is very similar to the one on the scarf – I knew I had found the right person for this knit.  I’m happy to know when she did get to open it, she was very happy, which is what we really want when we give something from our heart. 

I loved this pattern and I will definitely be knitting another – it’s a great, easy to memorize pattern and I miss having it in my bag for my on the go knitting.  I don’t remember where the yarn came from – but it was from my stash – so that’s a good thing!  I know the pattern is called Shifting Sands, but the blue reminds me of Cool Currents of Water. 


I’m slowly making progress on the Canada Sock – I’ve been busy with metal this week – another bracelet was created and pictures will follow tomorrow – too dark right now and I really can’t stand using my flash.  And I’m really, really looking forward to the N’oreaster that is supposed to be coming our wayThursday night into Friday – could this be the first Snow Day of the Year????  Fingers are definitely crossed – I need the extra day to clean for Superbowl!!! 

Oh, and I might have been a Lemming and bought some sock yarn – rumor has it that Jeanne sent an email to someone, saying that Sophies Toes was having a shop update and well, I tripped and fell and before you know it, I hit the paypal button – and the rest will be history.  There were still 11 items in her shop – so run!  Really beautiful yarns and the colors are just amazing.  I’ve been lucky enough to get the Merlot.  Now I must get the two socks that I have one the needles knit and fast – I still have Susies  wonderful yarn to find a pattern for…..


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  1. Uh oh! What colors did you buy? I may have been a bit if a lemming, too.

    How thoughtful of you to gift the scarf and pin. It brought tears to my eyes. 🙂 It came out beautiful.

    I guess I’ll do a snow dance for you. As long as it starts after midnight.

  2. I think Shifting Sands was a Grumperina pattern that she knit as a follow-up to the Sharfik pattern she made for her dad last year. It is gorgeous and the color is does resemble the ocean to me. You’re a good friend and I know you’re friend appreciated the scarf and the pin. Hope you get that snow day. The jewelry looks great too.

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