Nugold Unakite Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Not that a day made much of a difference in the light for taking this photo – but here’s the bracelet and it’s now in the shop.  I think I may make a few more in other color combinations – I’m really liking how these just evolve while I’m working on them. 

The darn weather is just not cooperating.  I don’t understand how they can take back a forecast so quickly and not change it again in favor of a Snow Day just as quickly?  Can they be so sure that we won’t get this storm?  The high for tomorrow is 36 – I can’t see how we’re going to avoid an ice situation here with the ground so cold and being up on this here mountain – I still have some hope……please?


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  1. I love the new shawl pins and bracelets! Keep up the great work!

    As for the weather and forecasts, it’s sometimes just ridiculous. Atleast around here they mostly exagerate on bad weather coming and then it’s more to the south and we only get a bit of it! Better safe than sorry though.

  2. Well, it sure was a crap-shoot in our area yesterday – closed EVERYTHING b/c it was going to be just AWFUL. And it all went south and east of us.
    I’m not complaining, as I got the day off, but you know…it’d be nice to see a little snow!

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