All Hammered Out?



Nugold Angled Orbit Fibula

Thanks for all your support and understanding – and creative suggestions this past Wednesday – you guys are the best – and as Keri said – Karma!  It does have a way of working out.  I had a lot of support and encouragement at work and I think that those issues are going to be addressed – and I didn’t have to be the one to bring them to attention either. 

I’ve been busy hammering all those fustrations out – working on a big order and some new items for the etsy shop.  Thanks to Jenn for taking that bracelet off my hands – I’m thrilled and honored, Jenn and I hope it brings you a lot of enjoyment. 

I have been knitting – although today, while waiting (and waiting…..still waiting, in fact) for the dishwarsher man, I cleaned and made pins.  The knitting is sitting beside me along with my new books delivered today from Amazon – Heirloom Knitting and Victorian Lace Today (yep, I caved).  I intend on publishing this post, making a cuppa and having a good long look at these.  Dinner tonight with old friends, the DS1 is coming home and Knitting Meetup is tomorrow – I’m really looking forward to what this weekend has in store – I hope you all have a wonderful, WARM (brrrr below zero temps today) weekend. 

Zeee Dishwarsher repair man……………..he is here………………..fingers crossed………….lights are blinking…………………I hear noises…….he may be a wizard……..


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  1. You mean you sold the bracelet? You didn’t keep it for me? whine whine whine….sounds like you had a nice day off. So how do you like Victorian Lace Today – amazing, eh? See you later today!

  2. I am glad that you have hammering as a passion, for times like these:) I so empathise, hate being manipulated, and am grateful that while I am not teaching full-time, at least those colleagues love and look out for me. I can’t say the same with the other half of my work life and am using my recuperation to rethink… I love Laurie’s comment about the wizard’s hat and wand! We could all use a little majick in our lives.

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