The New Pin-ness



sterling silver kilt pin with green/silver beads.

The Etsy Shop has been updated today.  The new pin’s are out and about.  There will be more updates in the coming week – I’m trying to spread things out a bit. 


Nugold Fibula – Green Orbit

I’m trying out some new kilt pin designs and new fibula’s with beads.  I have quite a few designs I’ve had to get sketched out so I don’t forget them – and bracelet ideas are popping into my head too – have to find a good use for the bracelet mandrel DH presented me with at Christmas. 

So go check out the shop and let me know what you think!!

And not to stray too far from the knit blog thing…….

canada-sock-progress.jpgCanada Socks – the progress so far

I’m done with the color work on sock numba one and have about another inch to knit before I get to the heel.  These are surprizingly fast for being knit on size 0 needles.  I’m hoping to be nearing the end of one sock this weekend.  Ariann needs a little attention, but I’m saving that for tomorrow – I think I might have some alone time – DH and DS2 might go hit the slopes – and I’m not in the mind set for that, so I might be all alone tomorrow – time to tidy up, do another shop update, knit – perhaps call on a friend for a spur of the moment lunch?  Hmmmmm. 

I’m still not finding my Ninetendo Wii anywhere – I thought when this game system came out they were going to be prepared and have enough of them out there.  Well, I don’t know where they are hiding, but I’m really wanting to get my hands on one.  Yes, the secret is out – I do like video games.  Mostly the arcady type, and I hear they have ressurected the old ninetendo Duck Hunt game just for this system?  I guess I better not be getting it before Superbowl – I need to get my stuff together, get this house together for our yearly partee.  It kinda snuck up on me this year…..

Have a great weekend – make sure you click on over to Colleens page and show her some support for her cause, and keep those fingers crossed for some more of that white snow!


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  1. Yay, a fellow knitter who enjoys a good video game! I’m in to the old video games, Duck hunt (although I was never very good) Super Mario Bros, stuff like that. I hope you find your Wii!!!

  2. you are kidding- they resurrected duck hunt!?!?!!?!?!? I am a fan of “old school” video games myself. Super mario brothers, duck hunt…. etc. maybe I will have to look into the Wii

  3. Oh, Canada! Those socks look even BETTER in person. I can’t believe how nice the yarn feels. And your colorwork is fantastic.

    When I saw the first new pin is said “OOOHHHH, pretty.” and that pretty much says it all.

    Sorry you can’t find your Wii. My internet connection went down this afternoon and I spent about an hour playing Bookworm. Yeah, I could have been knitting. What’s your point?

    Good lunch. Damned Oreo cake shortage!

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