The “S” Word


There could be some light snow tonight!!!  Very exciting news around here – I’m hoping to see a nice, white dusting when I wake up tomorrow.  I’m not going to be greedy and wish for a snowday, not yet at least. 

I haven’t picked up Ariann in a day or two – I have to reattach the sleeves and that not something I want to  do in fits and spurts – I need a good chunk of time to get it all together without a hitch, and I just haven’t had that good chunk of time.  Someone at work said this is the longest short week ever – and it is.  It feels like forever, but then I keep running out of time.  The Canada Sock is coming along swimmingly – I’m done with the color work on the first sock and down to the business of sock knitting.  I’m still plugging along on the scarf at work – I just wish I would stop making stupid little mistakes that require a tinking here and there – that really cuts into my progress. 

 Staff Meeting after work, then a search for some “different” beads for my new pin designs – the shop will be updated and stocked soon.  Oh!  Funny thing I stumbled across – this shawl pin designing thing has been floating around in my head longer than I even realized – while transferring the posts from blogger to wordpress, I found an entry way back when I was knitting Clapotis – I think it was February of 2005 – 2005!!!! – that mentions needing to figure out a shawl pin for Clapotis…… I sure let things ferment for awhile don’t I?  I’m grateful to have a little record of that in this here blog – it’s nice to know I seem to take my time making sure my designs are what I want before I actually get moving on them!! 

In the meantime – Let It Snow!!!


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  1. We have had 2 snow days this school year so far. Last Thursday we had one because it snowed 2 inches. And Tuesday we had one because…well, I’m still not sure why because it wasn’t real windy, there wasn’t any snow falling. It was raining and sort of slushery/sleety rain, but it wasn’t making it very icy. Maybe it was out in the more rural areas though, so that could’ve been why. Around here, the snow is unexpected when it comes, so a few inches is a big deal, whereas in Salt Lake where I used to live, a few inches was nothing, and we rarely had snow days. Interesting how the climate changes are SO different!

  2. If you want to see a light dusting you can come over and look at my living room. ha-ha!!

    Give yourself another year and you should have that Clappy pin all figured out. Your designs are always beautiful! (And I’m not just saying that because you’re my BFF.)

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