Baby, it’s Cold Outside!!


Canada Socks, the beginning -From Knitting on the Road. 

My very first ever colorwork on socks – and I’m pleased with how they’re turning out – I’m using Devon in a dark forest green, with a lighter green accent and a dark red.  Thanks to Jeanne for the yarn recommendations!  These are 0 dpn’s.  I’m thinking of changing to the metal dpn’s that just arrived today from knitpicks – I can snap one of these bamboo babies like a twig!  Or use one as a toothpick.  Either way, they’re makin me nervous!!!

We finally have decended into the depths of COLD!!  And boy, we took a nose dive right into it – we started out the morning in the 40’s and we have plummeted and should get down into the teens tonight – amazing.  Now, if we could just get a little snowmaking going on here – it would really seem like winter. 

Saturday’s knitting meetup was a hoot!!!  Laurie and I did play a little joke on Jeanne – but I think we gave her something to chuckle about for awhile!  And we had such a great group of ladies – and made quite the spectacle of ourselves, due to the place we ended up sitting – right by the food line at panera – we had quite an audience.  Even the teacher I worked for surprised me!  Small world and even smaller.  One of the Dad’s sitting nearby when we first got there had all sorts of questions for me – what are you knitting, what is SHE knitting, how often do you guys get together – good questions and questions I certainly didn’t mind answering.  It’s always great to be able to get together, gab and knit. 

Winter break was over for DS1 yesterday – back to the dorm room.  You can really tell the difference in the house – it’s a bit – well, I want to say quieter, but he’s not loud.  So that’s not the right word.  We can just feel his absence, even from another room.  Miss ya Bub.

And this is a tiny rant.  Probably not even worth mentioning, but it’s bugging me a little bit.  Did you ever volunteer for something, or offer a donation and then………nothin.  No, Hey!  Great!  or Sorry, we’re not interested?  Now, I know everyone’s really busy – but are you busier than me?  Honestly, a little acknowledgement, an acceptance – even a NO THANKs – would be fine.  But to appear to ignore – well, I don’t get that.  I’m not going to call anyone out here and really, the offer still stands if you’re still interested, but I’m a tiny bit perplexed as to why someone wouldn’t take the time to respond to a generous offer, free of charge, no shipping, no tax, no obilgation – just take the money and run situation?  And if I ever get to be too busy to answer an email, reply to a question, reach out to someone who’s reached out to me – well, I hope I take a look around and realize that maybe I need to take a step back.  Or, get an assistant.  I’m just sayin. 

Ariann is about to be reattached – to her sleeves, that is.  I’m a little nervous – I know – it’s not like I haven’t done this before – but I plan on taking a good, long, hard look at her lines to make sure they are straight, before the re-attachment takes place.  That is a ship that’s sailed – dude is not going to make that mistake again.  The scarf is now appropriated to the work bag – that’s lunch time knitting and portable enough to tote around.  Ariann, well she’s too big to hoist around in my work bag.  And the next time she does make the trip into work will be post blocking, post button putting oning – wearing her to work is the goal here.   And I was freezing at work today – thankfully Ribby Cardy is in residence at work right now – but she still isn’t zippered – and I’m using a kilt pin to close her for now – just never found the right zipper and I don’t know if I will. 

 Oh!  One more thing – I had a Palm TX follow me home on Sunday – and I love, love, love this little thing.  I’ve had a few pocket pc’s in my time – and this little Palm – well, let me just tell you – hands down, I love it!!  I have always wondered about Palm and I’m sometimes surrounded by such PC people (or anti Palm people, but lets not be negative) that I’ve resisted the change, but it’s soooooo worth it.  Internet?  No problem – it has the WiFi and it works flawlessly.  I’m still learning about it’s workings, but I’m really liking it’s user friendliness. Managed to upload a word document and a pdf with very little problem.  It’s certainly not a difficult change to make for me. 

And that’s all I have to say ’bout that.


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  1. Nice choice on the colors for your socks! The yarn looks shiny and soft.

    Sure. Flaunt the ribby cardi. I could wear mine, too…as a vest with no neck. LOL!!!

    I want to meet the Palm! WAHHHHH

  2. Great socks – I love the colors you picked. Hmmmm…maybe I need to make another pair! Don’t forget – handwash them only.

    It was a funny joke, and yes, I’ve been laughing about it ever since. If the donation thing was directed at me – ok, fine – you can send me yarn or money. 🙂

    Good luck with Ariann (but so disappointing on the Palm – you know PocketPC is the way to go…)

  3. I haven’t yet ventured into colorwork on socks, but I’ve been considering it quite a bit lately! Your socks are looking awesome! I can’t wait to see the finished product!!!!

  4. Cool canada socks. I’m trying to figure out the fair isle sock thing… so far I have a section that needs to be frogged b/c the strands are too tight and it won’t fit over my ankle!!!!

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