Remember this?  That was Ariann shortly after I joined the sleeves.  Things were going as planned.  I was ten rows into the raglan decreases. 

Are you noticing my use of past tense here?  Yes?  Hmmm. 

I was minding my own business, watching Scrubs, knitting.  I looked down.  I saw a hole.  Now, this isn’t unusual while knitting this sweater – it’s a lace pattern and does, indeed, have holes.  But this hole.  Just. Didn’t. Look. Right.  I looked at it again.  I poked at it with my knitting needle.  It didn’t go away.  I was purling at the time, so I thought maybe it was just a reaaaallllly loose stitch.  I turned it to see the knit side.  WTF????  If you’ve knit or are knitting Ariann you will understand this – you know the set of ssk/k2tog  Yeah.  That’s the one. Well, they form this ridge….a straight ridge down the whole sweater.  This ridge.  This hole.  It made the ridge, well, it wasn’t straight.  I can’t explain how it looked other than to say, it made a right and then went straight. 


I won’t show you a photo now.  I can’t.  What was formerly 17 inches of Ariann is now a really big yarn ball leading into about ten inches of the body.  The sleeves are safely off on some circular needles.  I’ve guesstimated what row I was at in the body increases.  I am now not where I thought I would be. I’d like a moment of silence please. 

On a positive note. I can now take notice of the amount of stitches I will have going into the raglan decreases and therefore feel better about having enough for the decreases the pattern calls for.  Yep.  That’s the brightside.  Not much of a brightside, but I’m going to hang onto that.  That and 10 inches of knitting is what I’ve got right now.  There isn’t an adequate cuss word I can think of to describe this debacle.  Apparently – I was getting a little too full of myself whilst knitting this and needed to be put in my place.

As a closing note, I’d just like to thank my DS1’s girlfriend – J – thanks so much for, first, reading my blog!  And secondly, thank you for yelling at DS1 for not washing those dishes – he washed some tonight and it gave me the time I needed to discover the mistake I made on my sweater and put it to rights. 

Now, I think I need a lie down.


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  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry that you had this happened – but what caused it? Not to make you relive it, but want to make sure I’m careful when I get to that point….was it a miscount on the decreases around the raglan?

    Glad DS did the dishes! And see you Saturday – and if this makes you feel better – you still have more done on Ariann that I do!

  2. Well, it’s not where you wanted to be, but at least you didn’t have to rip the whole thing out. It will be great when it’s all done and your sleeves are already done! Isn’t that great? Now you just get back to that point, which won’t take you long and add the sleeves back and knit away merrily. It’ll all work out.

  3. A big “AMEN” for DS1’s GF. Thank you, sistah!!! We’ve just got to band together to fight the Man.

    So sorry for the loss of your 7″. 😦 I took the moment of silence. Then I thanked the other 10″ for behaving as they should.

    Remember that it’s the process that we love. Now you’ve just got more to love. (Did you buy that?)

    See you Sat!!! 1 or 2pm?

  4. I sooo think I’ve seen my future. I’ve bought the yarn, joined the KAL, but think that this is just going to be a difficult knit. Your sweater looks like it’s going to be beautiful!

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