Work Has Really Cut into My Knitting Time


Really.  I find that I just don’t get as much knitting done – that stupid work thing gets in the way.  And the meetings at DS2’s school.  And the dentist’s appointments (knitting with me, but that US magazine had to be read first and I don’t know why?).  And even though I can get home from work by 3:15 – it’s just not happening this week due to meetings, errands, you name it.  I was able to knit the one sleeve to Ariann in ONE DAY whilst at home (I just typed “whilst”, wtf?) and now I’ve been working on the second sleeve ALL week and have barely 6 inches done!!!  Hopefully, this rainy weekend will lend itself to knitting and getting that and the other sleeve attached to the sweater body.  I’m a little anxious about those raglan decreases – but I’m just going to just keep knitting, just keep knitting…….

DS2 and I had take out chinese tonight while watching You, Me and Dupree and I managed to pull out the Shifting Sands scarf and resume working on that – I shall be referring to that as “Calm Currents” though, since it’s in a nice oceany blue, and doesn’t say “sand” at all to me. 

I’m loving being here at wordpress.  And that little box/photo upload that was missing from my dashboard page?  It’s baaacccckkkk.  So things do have a way of working themselves out.  Thanks for all of you who’ve dropped by with nice comments, blogaversary wishes and bookmarking the new blog in your bloglines – I appreciate it! 


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  1. I’m going to bring my laptop to the meet-up. If there’s time maybe you can show me how to do those bloglines, ‘k?

    You got me hungry for Chinese! LOL!

    I just might have to check out WordPress. sigh…

  2. the sweater looks beautiful, so much detail! One day when I stopped yo yoing between a size 8 and 12, I’ll knit sweaters again!

    I’ve been in a Noro roll lately. I have a whole bag and I can’t decide what to do with it – poncho, afghan, cardigan a huge tote….

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