A New Home


Well, I’m moving in here at wordpress.  So far, I really like it here – thanks Jeanne!!!  I’m having to cut and paste all my blog entries – but that’s ok – I’ll put up with it in order to have a better place to blog.  Now if only I could find the little box that supposed to be on this page where I’m typing right now, that is supposed to let me upload photo’s without hosting them elsewhere (where did I put that?) I’d be happier.  It seems like it should be there, like the FAQ’s say, but Idon’t have it. Or I had it and lost it.  Or someone forgot to give it to me?  I did get spoiled by being able to just upload a photo without having to go upload it somewhere else and then upload it again – help?  Jeanne?  Anyone?  Bueller? 

 Ok, so no pictures but I had a frickin fantastic time with Jeanne and Laurie today.  We met at Jeanne’s and hopped in the car to ride down to the Wooly Lamb in Pennington, NJ.  We had a great time and we all bought, get this, various shades of Cascade 220 in the same brown/rust color!  We are just so BFF!  I’ve been there before and just love that shop – they have soooo much yarn and they are so nice – no pestering, just pleasant and ready to help you when you need it.  I think I infected Jeanne with the Ariann bug – did you start it yet, Jeanne??  You know you want to.  Then we opted to hit the Cracker Barrel for lunch – oh boy.  And I didn’t make a pig out of myself – took half my mean home – I haven’t eaten real food in days since I was sick over Christmas – sinus infection/upper resperatory hell and have actually lost weight over the holiday – I know.  Not what I’m supposed to be doing, but I can use it.  Anywho, after lunch we sat and knit at Jeanne’s beautiful house for a little while.  It was just a great day – I needed that girls, so thank you. 

I’ve finished DS1 scarf and have cast on and knit at least 8 inches on Ariann – I’m so in love with this sweater and it’s just coming out so nice.  And now I’m hooked on Cascade 220 – I don’t know why I didn’t know I loved this yarn so much – it’s so soft and the colors are just so nice – the stitches are knitting up so perfectly – you know it’s the yarn and not me.  I’m just really loving it.  And looking forward to wearing it – the stitch pattern really is a lot nicer in person that the photo’s show it to be.  And easy to memorize – have I said how much I love this pattern – I’m not sure we hooked Laurie into knitting it yet, but I think we’re close….

Hopefully, I will figure out the photo issue and be able to post some catch up pics tomorrow….bueller?


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  1. Very nice site! But what a copy cat you are. And yes, I started Ariann right after you left – such a bad influence. OK, to load a picture – its right under the posting box, scroll down the page – you should see a part that says upload. Browse to your picture and click on it – and then click upload. Then you just select link to page. I think that does it (I save mine to Flickr so I actually haven’t done this…) Thanks for a great day today – it was a lot of fun!

  2. Welcome in the WordPress world 🙂 I adore WordPress 🙂 I tried the direct upload, but found that it took forever and a day to upload a picture. I host mine on my website and just link to them there.

    Cheers Eva

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