2006 – The Year In Knits


 Dan’s Hat, 2006

I thought it might be fun to look back over this past year and see how much I’ve accomplished knitting-wise.   I might not be one of the most prolific knitters around, but considering all this past year had going on, I don’t think I’ve done to badly. 

Knitting Accomplishments of 2006

Sophie Bag

Blue Ridge Jacket

Margaux Tank

White Shetland Triangle

Black Shetland Triangle

Sonnet cardy

Daisy baby sweater

Diamond Fantasy Shawl


Basic Shell Tank Top

Something Ripped

Something Red

Dan’s Cabled Hat

Tim’s Cabled Scarf

5 pairs of socks

4 Warsh clothes

Not too bad.  And I’ve only 4 unfinished knits to speak of:

 Scoop Du Jour which is mostly done but a spring sweater

Ribby Shell which I’m still unsure I’ll finish or rip

Icarus which was put off for unexpected Christmas knits

Arwen, which I’ve betrayed for Ariann. 

I’m still trying to figure out why wordpress isn’t giving me the right format to upload photo’s in – so far I’ve no luck from my forum post – everyone seems to think I don’t understand how to upload – that’s not it.  I don’t have the upload box in my write post page.  There is no box.  Therefore,  I cannot upload within WP.  But I’m using Photobucket and we’ll see how huge the photo comes out.  And Flickr, etsy and most of the internet has been wonky today at best.  I’m almost done cutting and pasting 2006’s blog entries.  I will lose the comments – or they won’t transfer over, but I still have them in Haloscan so they’re not totally lost.  I just want my content over here.  And the internet has not cooperated today much – sloooooow as a snail. 

I can’t say I’m not looking forward to 2007.  While 2006 wasn’t a totally bad year – it did have it’s share of downs and I’ll be looking forward to a more productive, less dramatic 2007 for our family.  And maybe a little snow soon?


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  1. Wow – that’s an amazing list! Very impressive – and the hat is just beautiful. Sorry you are having wordpress problems…but the blog is looking good! Have a happy new year!

  2. Congrats, and I, too, love that hat! What IS the pattern? I hope you like WordPress (tho’ I have to admit the black background is a bit hard on my eyes…)

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