Merry, Happy, Joy


First, let me just say I wish you all a Merry, Happy, Joyous Holiday however you celebrate – be well!!

That’s a bad photo of the DS1 scarf, three skeins in. Oy. A slow knit, she is. But I’m picking up speed and finishing it before the New Year is rung in is looking good. If I can remember to take photo’s when I have the good light, I will have more over the next few days – yarn photo’s, FO’s etc. I would really like to take a photo of the fastest box of yarn – I ordered 10 skeins of Cascade 220 on thursday from WEBS and received the box yesterday! Followed by an email notification that it will be delivered on the 26th. Santa strikes again! I’m sure he just took that box out of the UPS truck and left it on the doorstep for me, don’t you?

DS1 is home, the tree shall be decorated – we waited for him – and the presents shall be wrapped and placed. We are ready – and it’s nice to have a day in between to just get things wrapped up – like food shopping. I think we’re as ready as we’ll ever be. And I’m calm about it and looking forward to spending time with my family.


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  1. Pretty new digs.

    My eyes are having trouble with the white on black but I think if you make the font bold it might be easier to see.

    But then again, my eyes are pretty screwed up lately.

    Your pictures look FAB on the black background.

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