Five Months of Bills


I have that particular version of the 12 days of Christmas song floating through my head – that song just cracks me up! I wish it was cold enough for us to have one of these in the fireplace – but it was almost 60 degree’s today!!! WTF? Hello??? If I wanted to have mild winters, I would move to mild-winter-ville. I do not. I want WINTER. I want Snow. I want Ice. I want big bulky sweaters and warm snuggly socks. For goodness sake, I want to be able to wear my new winter coat!!! I want a White Christmas.

Thanks to all for the warm Birthday Wishes for DS1 – he was truely touched and said my blog post and your wishes to him were “better than any card” We pick him up Friday after his last final for his WINTER break (did anyone hear that – I said Winter break?)

I have been knitting on his scarf and only on his scarf. I have touched the sock yarn. I have contemplated getting the winder out and winding said sock yarn into a yarn ball to start a pair of socks, you know, for when I can just pull out the scarf and pattern and I just need something to be able to knit on? But I’m too guilty. It feels wrong. Knit on a Christmas gift for my son………or socks for myself? That is just wrong.

Went to a wonderful Holiday Knitting Meetup Saturday – lovely group of ladies, lovely time. I was lucky enough to get three balls of Noro Silk Garden in the grab bag – photo to follow, along with photo’s of the scarf and the pile of finished knits pre-scarf. I heard scuttle about a yarn crawl coming up soon…………something to look forward to. And I will not be making any yarn resolutions. Nope. Not me. I have few vices. And yarn is one of them. I will not give the yarn up. The buying of the yarn. The shopping for the yarn. The covetting of the yarn. I will not give it up. I will, on the other hand, try to give up, say, some food. Yes. I could go on a food diet. That would make more sense for me. And in that same vein, I would be giving up some yarn, say if I was knitting a smaller size sweater for myself. So, it could be a double-sided-diet of sorts. I will fully support the yarn industry in 2007. Not the Donut industry.


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