A Christmas Gift


Remember that beautiful roving I mentioned ordering from Susie at To Knit, Perchance to Dream? Well, it arrived just the other day. I’ve been trying to get home early enough to take a photo in natural light, but it’s just not happening for me this week. Anyway……..here it is. Isn’t it just gorgeous????

Hang on! That’s not just roving -that is an awesome skein of matching SOCK yarn!!!!!! A wonderful, generous surprise from Susie. I just can’t thank her enough. You should go, right now and see what she has up today – some gorgeous Heather laceweight that is just to die for and some more beautiful roving – this stuff is going to be heaven to spin. Thank you, Thank you Susie, for a wonderful Christmas gift – I’m honored. These are definitely going to be on my needles just as soon as DS2’s socks are done. And that will be soooooon! I’ve also cast on for another scarf. This one definitely needs a photo in good light, so I’ll save that for another day.

I’m thinking I’m right at the cast off stage for Arwens back – I’ll be measuring that up and possibly casting on for one of the fronts tonight – keep your fingers crossed. Tonight is Grey’s so hopefully I can keep my eyes open to knit and watch it. So much going on this week at work, that I can’t really elaborate on in this blog – but it’s been a week. The full moon just added to the hyper stuff going on at work and we’ve got people going and coming. I haven’t even put a dent in my Christmas shopping but intend to this weekend via the internet. DS1 is coming home and we really need to get some info from him on what’s on his list this year. DS2 wants a really expensive software program – he might be finished in one click of the mouse! I have half a mind to tell hubby that we’ll go shopping for each other after the holidays! Wouldn’t that be something different? And I’m trying to get a few scarves and donations knit up for the holidays – no pressure, eh?

I’ve been fighting off a cold and migraines this week and powering through the fibro – no medicine for it right now and I’m leery of starting another so soon after the side affects of the last two. I’ll be doing a lot of research on helpful treatments for this, besides medication. My body just doesn’t take to it.

I’ve a few new idea’s floating around in my head for Shawl pins and I’m hoping to hammer them out this weekend too – boy, I better get busy!

Post and Ping: Ok, courtesy of Knitnana, I’m Posting This and Pinging Here -to see how fast a meme gets around our blogosphere – now, Post and Ping on!


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