First Before we get to that photo, let me just say the weather the other night? Tornado warnings? Severe thunderstorms? Wind? Massive Rains? Well, we had nuttin. Really. We did have wind, we did have rain. My DH said he saw lightning way in the distance on the drive home. But us? Nada. Not that I wanted a Tornado, mind you. But heck. We had the Emergency Broadcast System going off like gangbusters. I was thinking we should go to the storm shelter (we don’t have one) and hunker down for all the alerts the weather service was putting out. I hear folks a little north of us did indeed have some damage, so I’m thankful for things like the Emergency Broadcast System – but what a way to scare the bleep outta you!

Remember this? The Sockthatshallnotbenamed.
The sock that tumbled down the front stairs with me at the beginning of the summer? Here it is in all it’s stupid glory. Really, I did not like this sock. I guess I associated the fall with the sock – even though I know it’s not the socks fault. It’s not like it tripped me, or pushed me down those stairs. But after picking all the wood mulch out of it, it just left a bad mojo with me.

We talked about this sock – I didn’t want to knit the second sock. I’ve never not knit the second sock. NEVER. But I went with it, decided the sock shall be alone. You all said I could, so I thought I was OK.

Started: June 21, 2006
Finished: October 28 2006

Four months to finish that sock. It was made with Cascade fixation, which is hard on your hands to begin with. But I’ve never taken so blasted long to finish a sock before. I. Just. Hated. That. Sock.

Hey!!!! What the heck is this……………………………
Well, folks, that’s a PAIR of Socksthatshallnotbenamed. Yes. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have the strength the let that sock just be a singleton. But here’s the kicker.

Started: November 23, 2006(Thankgiving Day)
Finished November 26, 2006

No, you’re not seeing things -What took me MONTHS to do on the first sock, too mere days on the second. I just wanted it DONE. I really was doubting my ability to quickly knit a sock. So on Monday I cast on for a pair for DS – and finished the first sock Tuesday – short socks but he’s got a size 11 foot, so he makes up for it there. Whew. It’s not me. It was the yarn, the fall down the stairs, the bad knitting mojo associated with it. They are done. I can move on. I’ve got Sock Closure.

Now, my friend Roxanne of Zen Garden is having a SALE!!!! On both her etsy shop and her web site – 10% off and she’s got gorgeous YARN – so soft and lovely – you really must go and give a look around – I promise you won’t be disappointed. I have a skein of her wonderful yarn and it’s some of the softest stuff on earth.

In Spinning news – oh, I’m sorry, you didn’t know there’d be spinning news – I’ve finally got my wheel out, polished and oiled up – lubed, so to speak – and spun some of the wonderful chocolate brown alpaca I bought from a local farm two summers ago. I’ve got some lovely roving coming my way from Susie and I wanted to at least get a skein or two of this done before I dive into her lucious fiber. And now, I need to go find where the heck I put that forth bobbin. Really. How does one lose a Bobbin?

It’s been a good week – busy, but good – I had a full work week – we haven’t really had a lot of them in November with Teachers Convention and Thanksgiving so it’s pretty surprising to have to go a full week – such a shock to the system. I had a lovely Dinner with my knitty peep. I enabled another gal at work who crochets to buy one of the Namaste bags. The etsy shop has been brisk (thanks!!), and I’ll be listing more stitchmarkers and pins today. I sometimes feel like I should be doing so much more getting that little shop “out there”, but it’s been travelling around by word of mouth just fine – I love it when customers tell me how they found me and for all of you who’ve referred someone to me, pointed them in my direction, posted my work on your own blogs, worn my work to your knitting meetings – I thank you !! I’m honored and very grateful.


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