Batten Down the Hatches


Or run for the Hills. Or the storm cellar. Nothing gives me chills more than seeing that kind of red color on the radar heading for us. All I really asked for was some snow and we’re getting this instead. The wind is totally whipping out there and I’m going to put up some water and get the candles out – it’s not a WIDE storm, but it’s getting my attention.

I have socks. I’ve knit socks. I’ve knit more socks. And I’m still knitting on the socks. And a scarf. And there will be more to post tomorrow when its not black as anything outside. Etsy has picked back up again, and we’re finally all starting to see some things move in our little shops. V2 has been a bit of a trial for sellers and admin alike, but hopefully it will run smoothly once the kinks are worked out. I thank you who have visited and shopped! And there will be restocking this weekend – more markers and pins. I’ve been busy with quite a few custom orders for knitters and it’s been a joy. Oh! And I’ve bought some roving from Susie at To knit, Perchance to Dream– she’s such a color artist, I can’t help myself. This weekend is remarkably obligation free – for a change. I’m going to enjoy it like nobody’s business. Sleep late. Do a little work. Do a little knitting. Perhaps a bit of spinning. Maybe I’ll vacuum. I’m definitely reading more of my copy of Arctic Lace(thanks again Donna, for the signed bookplate!!) And must not forget the BIG RUTGERS game tomorrow – go Scarlett Knights!!!


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