After The Stuffing


Well, it’s been a really fast, full four days. Holy Moly. Thanksgiving was very nice – everything came out great, we ate till we couldn’t move. And we haven’t had any leftovers till tonight – we’ve been out and about for the last two days – antiquiing/brew pub fare on Saturday and yesterday we went and did the PA trip to Dietrich’s Meats and Gilmans – where my BIL already bought, paid and presented me with my Christmas gift! Now, if he would just give up that jump ring maker he bought…..Tonights our first leftovernight – and I’m really looking forward to it. I like to give myself some space between turkey meals. Even though I feel like I’m taking up more space than I did, say, before Thursday.

Now, the company has gone home, Rutgers Scarlett Knights have won another game, we’ve driven our oldest back to campus – just to have him tell us he’ll be wanting to come home next weekend – which is fine and dandy with me! He really has discovered that he actually misses us. Something that I think surprised him. We’re missing him, too, so it’s no surprise to us. The house is somewhat back to what is was – I’ve managed to toss a wash in, and should have vaccumed the house, but no, I’m resting now. I’ve got a few things to pack up and ship for customers, a few more orders to prepare for customers, a dinner out with a friend on Tuesday to look forward to – I’m really hoping to enjoy this month before Christmas. Dig in. Immerse. I’ve got a knitting surprise to reveal in the next few days, some things to get back to – Icarus – can’t knit that with company around. If the weather would just get in line with what it should be for this time of year – I’d be really content.

All the tests on the ticker are coming back fine – stress test – normal. Blood tests – normal. I’m guessing the echo and holter will both come back fine. I haven’t had one palpitation today at ALL. First day in about two weeks. I’m betting and almost 100 percent sure that it was that nasty medicine I was on and as it leaves my system, so do those nasty, scary symptoms. Thank you all, dear friends, for all your caring, compassion, emails, comments and phone calls – in situations like this, when you’re trying not to panic the heck outta yourself, you all made quite a big difference in calming me down. It’s a little different than telling your family stuff like that – you can see the worry on their faces and it really means they care, but it also means maybe you have a reason to freak out? You all know what I mean. But you did wonders calming my nerves and it was much appreciated.

Time for Turkey, a beer and a football game. YUM!


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