Ok, it looks like Etsy is now back online. There are still some things they are working on, but it seems to be a functioning site and hopefully our shops are going to work well. The etsy admins did a great job – considering they migrated an entire site with a bajillion things on it (bajillion is the new ginormous, which by the way, is now in the Dictionary. We can do the same for bajillion, no?) I plan on trying to update the shop later today with new stock. So if ya’ll wouldn’t mind doing me a favor and clicking on over there – let me know how it’s working for you. We are supposed to be reporting any bugs or difficulties with the site and your feedback would be great – besides – it will keep me busy- I’ve got bloodwork this morning and I’m walking around with a very silly cardiac holter on – recording my palpatations – big sigh – yes, I got a little freaked out yesterday when I continued to get heart palpatations after having a wee bit of pain the night before. And the EKG was fine and I bet it’s my medicine, but no doctor in the world is gonna let that slide when it’s your heart and your MOM and DAD both have cardiac issues. So keep me occupied today – and give me lots and lots of feedback on the shop. Then later, when I post some photo’s finally, you can give me lots and lots of feedback on my knitting. Like, what’s a good sock pattern to use for some gorgeous Claudia Hand Painted Sport????? And I’ve gotten two yarn deliveries this week and I’m waiting on my super duper new yarn bag – hopefully it will be hear today. Lot’s of metal and yarn around here this week – just received a reorder on one of my wholesale orders – that’s exciting.

And I wouldn’t mine a little prayer or two on the heart thing – you know, just for a little insurance. Thanks!


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