The New Bag is Here!! The New Bag is Here!!!


My new Namaste Jetsetter bag is here!!!

I was lucky enough to get what I think was the last brown one they had in stock – at Pure Knits! They are fantastic – I ordered it over this past weekend and the big, big box was just delivered!

The brown is a bit richer in depth in person – I’ve already loaded it up. And it’s got so much room, I can definitely just carry one bag to knitting meetups, instead of my purse and knitting bag – sooooo sooooo happy with it. Thanks Pure Knits – fabulous bag, excellent service!!!!

And here’s a bag of another sort…………..You all know I whined about not going to Stitches? Well, I made up for it. One trip to the The Woolly Lamb in Pennington (their website isn’t quite functional yet) and a few well placed internet orders later………

Here you see two skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Sport weight yarn – I thought I was going to make socks, but that isn’t written in stone. Two Skeins of Reynolds Revue to make my DS Shedir from Knitty’s Breast Cancer Awareness Issue.

There’s also some amazing yarn from Ruby Sapphire Yarns – a wonderful etsy seller – I have a skein of Bonnie Lace weight and a skein of Shawn Sock Weight. You must, must go visit their shop – they are wonderful. And those two skeins of Gems Opal in Pewter – they are for Grumperina’s most beautiful Shifting Sands Scarf.

And Finally, yes, finally, here is my great score of Silky Wool from Pig and Panda on ebay – I paid an unbelieveable 2.79 per skein for this beautiful yarn – currently earmarked for a lovely sweater in Elsebeth Lavold’s Designer’s Choice Book One, The Viking Knits Collection – Liv, to be specific. And that Jaeger you see peeking out – that’s three out of six skeins of Matchmaker to knit up Forbes Forest from Scarf Style.

Whew! Ok. the last thing I’m waiting for is Donna Druchunas’ Book, Arctic Lace. Laurie? Do we have an estimated delivery date yet??? And Donna, that pin is on it’s way to you right now – so thanks so much!

That’s about it. I’m heading into my last short repeat in Icarus of the first chart – then I hit chart 2 – I’m excited. Arwen’s back is getting near done. I’m on the fence about socks right now – I don’t know what to cast on for. The bloodwork is done – the wires come off me in 1.5 hours – I cannot wait to stop hitting this damn button everytime I get a “flutter” Sweet Holy Moses. The test’s are tentatively scheduled for early Friday morning – and I’m keeping myself immersed in knitting and metal making. I might sqeeze in some Thanksgiving preparations somewhere along the line…like at least get the darn TURKEY. Everything is will fall into place I’m sure. Thanks for all the well wishes and concerns – I really appreciate it and it’s nice to know you’re all out there – very comforting, indeed.


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