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Etsy is making their migration to their brand new V2 System this weekend – So all the shops on Etsy are unavailable. Therefore, if you absolutely, positively need something from me, drop me an email and we’ll work it out. (chrissy-g at comcast dot net) Otherwise, business as usual hopefully Monday, when the migration is complete. It hasn’t stopped me from making a HUGE amount of pins to keep up with the orders I’ve been getting – And if it’s not made yet, it will get made just for YOU!

Ok, now with the bidness out of the way – I met up with Laurie yesterday and we had a lovely time at Cracker Barrel – I ate mostly everything – EVERYTHING on my plate. And paid for it. Really, When am I going to learn, I just can’t eat like that. We tried to get down to a neat yarn store – but what the hell was up with that traffic on 222??????????? People?????? It’s a road, not a parking lot. Just saying.

Anywho, we turned around and hung out at B&N – looked at lots of knitting books – nothing struck our fancy. Laurie placed an order at Amazon last week and we combined to get the free shipping so I’m currently waiting for Arctic Lace – so excited!!!! Really looking forward to reading and getting to do some of the projects in that book. Also, I’m so jazzed that Donna purchased one of MY pins. I’m so honored. I’m holding off ordering the yarn for those projects till I get the book, because let me tell you, I have certainly made up for not going to stitches. I’m just going to take photo’s of everything when it comes and post it all – a photo gallery of what I didn’t get at stitches. My most exciting buy – a Namaste Jetsetter bag – I’m soooooooooo stinkin excited about that. I’m just excited about everything.

I have just two more rows to do on that sock that almost killed me – you remember – the one that fell down the stairs with me – yes, slooooooow sock. I am not sure if I will cast on immediately for the second sock. Now this is a big deal for me. I have never, ever, ever just made one sock. I always just get that second one on the needles and get to it. But I have this Claudia Handpaint I really, really want to knit with. Really. REALLY. And I need those needles for that. So, what to do? I have the good yarn angel on one shoulder saying – “do the right thing, finish those socks that you aren’t too happy with.” I have the bad yarn angel on the other saying “ga head, cast on the Claudia, screw the other sock!! Use it for potpourri in your sock draw” I’m conflicted.

I’m still slogging through the back of Arwen – I should get through the rest of it at Knitting meetup today – I’m going a little early to eat lunch, then knit. I’m really looking forward to seeing the girls – it’s such a great group.

Tomorrow? Rain. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t mind rainy Sundays. So much to do inside, and it kinda takes some decisions out of your hands, so to speak. Have a great weekend!


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