Not Another KNitting Post


No! It’s not a knitting post. It’s a hell yeah, way to go, get it done, hot damn, you gotta be freaking kidding me, un-frickin-believeable, kick ass Way to go


28 -25

We were there, we saw it, it was amazing! 44,111 people attended that game – crushing crowds, we walked miles to get to the stadium – it took us an hour to get the bus back to our car, we came home at 1:30 am!!!

Our asses are dragging, but DAYUM!!! What a game. I’m glad we were able to meet our oldest there and as a family get to see history being made.

I am done now. This is me on 5 hours of sleep. I have today off and I’m meeting Laurie and we are going to Cracker Barrel. It is called “CRACK” er Barrel because, well, I think there is something in the food equivelent to crack, whereby you get addicted to the food and have to go back over and over. Little bit o’ heaven. On a plate. Then home, playing around with metal and watercolors (don’t ask, I won’t tell yet – it’s an old addiction that my friend at work ignited again) and a tire appointment this afternoon for DH’s Truck – then the weekend and knitting meetup tomorrow! Yes, two more days off!! I love this four day weekend we get every year – it’s my favorite – no holiday to worry about, but four days off!! FOUR. In a ROW.

Five hours of sleep people – what did you expect!!


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