Exciting Collaboration!!!


Working With Roxanne of Knit-n-Purl Zen – she’s including my pins in with her beautiful yarn for a wonderful Shawl Kit – you can find them at her etsy shop – go, quick, they are awesome together!!!!!

Thanks for all the sympathy/get well wishes – you bloggers are great! I did soothe my yarn yearning self with a few online purchases and a much needed trip down to the Wooly Lamb – a wonderful, not so local yarn shop – but well worth the trip. Photo’s to follow – I’m still dragging this week – coughing like crazy at work, but not so much at home? Weird. I’ve started Arwen from IK and in between fulfilling pin orders and stocking the etsy shop, and restocking the etsy shop – I’m ferschnockered. Photo’s of yarny goodness will follow sometime this weekend.

In the meantime – get thee a Shawl Kit – Roxanne is a cool gal with wonderful talents with yarn and I have proof of her talents sitting right here in my own yarn basket – ah, the softest stuff!!


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