Instead Of Stitches East…


Instead of having a fun filled day trip with Amy and Laurie and A, singing wonderful yarn songs to and from Baltimore. Instead of fondling and cooing and ooohhing and ahhhing over yarn after yarn after yarn. Instead of recklessly, with abandon, spending ruthlessly, without guilt the money I saved for Rhinebeck and added to the Stitches East money. Instead of all that, dear bloggers, I will be spending my time with……….

Mister Box of Tissue’s and Missus Bottle of Nyquil.

Ain’t that a kick in the ass? By all means, feel sorry for me. Send me little sympathy comments. Tell me there is always next year. Tell me, you can’t help it when you get sick – after all, you work with kids all day. Go ahead. I need it. And I can sure add it to the pity party I’m throwing myself this weekend. Girls, you have a good time for me – I’m expecting you to get yourselves lots stash enhancements, tons of pictures (and some Malabrigo color cards. ) I just couldn’t have you guys listening to my sniffling, sneezing, coughing, wheezing in the car all day, just so I could go and get yarn, and know, without a doubt, that within a week all three of you would have this – I’ve chosen you guys OVER the YARN. That says alot.

In a very boring, but somewhat pretty update – this is the fourth repeat of Icarus. I think when the Nyquil is in the whaning, I shall knit upon it. It is not to be knit on with the full effect of the Nyquil – because, well, you know, there would be many, many medicine induced errors that I wouldn’t even feel like correcting – who cares, when there is Nyquil? And the color – it reminds me of the cool green in the Nyquil bottle – see that green in there? It’s now called “Nyquil Green” I may even rename the shawl – “Nyquil”. Why not.

Before you feel too bad for me – I fully intend on shopping on line for many, many skeins of yarn. Many, Many patterns for said yarn. I will install myself on the couch, with my new Louisa Harding – after ordering Arctic Knits from Amazon (and not buying it at the show OR having it autographed by Donna Druchunas – *sob*) and picking each yarn carefully for each intended project. Oh yes, there will be shopping. Believe you me.

Oh, and if anyone has or knows the wearabouts of 2 skeins of Rowan Calmer, color 466 (discontinued, of course) aka “squirrel” – please let me know – my youngest son, has chosen that color as the only color he will put on his head for a hat. Yes. The. Only. Color.


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