Now That’s A Big Upload!!


Whew! I just spent a whole buncha time uploading new Shawl/Scarf Pins for sale over at my Etsy Shop. Go take a peek – there are Stars, Butterflies, Swirls and Diamonds galore! designs are still copyrighted by Chris Gerstner and Scotts Mountain Crafts 2006 – just sayin’
I’ve been very, very busy with special orders, wholesale orders and the like and my knitting has seriously suffered, but it’s still good. I did manage to finish Fetching – those fingerless gloves everyone is knitting from Knitty. You know where it is. Go. Knit. They are great. And it’s true – one skein and viola! A Pair it is! Photo’s will be forthcoming – I won’t say when, but I just did a major photo shoot with metal, and didn’t think to switch gears and get some fiber shots.

I’m also still working on a pair of socks, a scarf and a shrug. Can’t for the life of me get a pattern going for a sweater – which I desperately need to do. I’m looking for a textured, modern, but not weird pulloverish type of sweater to wear with jeans. Gimme some ideas, please. Something a little funky, but not too wild or time consuming to keep me from wearing it this year.

I saw the chiropractor 5 times over the last week and a half – and he’s help tremendously – but I’m still symptomatic, so baby steps it seems to be. I ache in the weirdest places – yesterday it was the pad of my hand attached to my thumbs – too much knitting? No. Too much metal? No, not really and I don’t use my left hand the same as my right, yet they both hurt the same. Me thinks I best get myself back to the doctors to update her on the weirdness. I’m keeping better track of symptoms with my Memory Minder Health journal. I’m sure my doc will appreciate less vagueness on my part. There’s sometimes a long wait to see the chiro – so of course I bring the knitting bag and had quiet the group interest last wednesday – he actually thanked me for helping do crowd control in the waiting room! Knitting is good on so many levels and I just found another – crowd control.

The weather is tre shitty today. But it is calming down a bit – and a good think too – knitting meetup day and I don’t intend to miss it.

Some exciting developments and collaborations are in the works right now for my pins – I can’t spill it now, but I’m very optomistic, so keep a good thought for me (and the collaborateee) – I’ll definitely fill you in when it all gels together!


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