Farwell Tweed


Yes, another sweater ripped and rethought. Or rethought and to be ripped? This was just not going to provide the coverage that the breasticles needed. No way. No how. Wasn’t gonna do it. Nope. Nada.

Now I need to find another pattern for Jo Sharp Silkroad DK. Preferably something with a little bit higher of a neckline.

And it’s not like I’m lacking for knitting projects – I do have three on the needles right now – but I need sweaters – NEED them. You know. To HAVE.

Today is our 22nd Anniversary!. Happy Anniversary, Honey! Our plans are a little rearranged due to college pickups and, well, life, but we’ll celebrate sometime this weekend!

And I have a lot of metal to pound this weekend(what kind of hits that will evoke – I just don’t know!) – ALOT – more than a few orders to fill and it makes me happy to see my work out there. It’s been a ride to say the least, but I think I’ve got my footing, thanks to all the supportive people I’ve encountered out there. You know who you are, and you’re the best!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!


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